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  1. I just want to caution people, I did speak to a customer service representative... If you have a current subscription, they "will be sending a postcard in the mail within the next few days" And you will be receiving a their dog magazine for the next couple months. I told them, I don't have a dog, and if it's possible to do a refund... and they will be able to do that.
  2. I've been subscribed to bird talk magazine for a few months... and I honestly think this is the best issue i've gotten so far. For starters, the issue is centered around African Greys and it has really good articles that may be useful including an article on how to gain your trust and 7 facts that are unique for african greys... plus a few cute pics for our feathery friends
  3. Oh good! Archie is a sneaky one... A few weeks ago we had some washed grapes (thank goodness) on the counter, and within 5 minutes he managed to take 1 bite out of every grape... I'm pretty sure the basil will have the same fate sooner or later
  4. is basil safe for our greys? I'm talking the fresh kind... we bought a basil plant and Archie is already really interested in it... landed in it too!!! Just making sure that if he does take a nibble it's safe...
  5. Archimedes is Archie, Arch, and Turkey... and punk when he's misbehaving
  6. oh dear... I do hope he'll be able to handle it... I understand it's painful for him... and he doesn't understand whats going on yet... I hope he'll get used to it because he's not having any fun at all
  7. Archimedes is turning into a big boy! He has just started his first molt, and he's hating it! For the past couple of days he's been a bit irritable to put it nicely... I know he's itching like crazy and I've started spraying him with aloe vera. Just wondering how long the molt will take? (he's almost 8 months old, turning 8 months on 7/10/12)
  8. omg those tricks are awesome! I've started working with Archimedes to turn him around, he's starting to get it, I'm sure in 1 or 2 more training sessions he'll fully get it! Nancy, target stick training is where you just use a stick to focus their attention on. So when they touch the stick they get a reward, eventually the stick is moved further away or in a direction in order for a parrot (or any other animal) to perform a task. Target training is used to train almost any animals, and if you watch any videos on zoo animals being trained, they are usually following a stick of some sort.
  9. don't give up hope yet... When I was visiting Archimedes when he was a baby, there were days where he was all over me, and there were days when he wanted nothing to do with me... just like people, these fluff balls have their good days and their bad days, their *on my own days* and *i don't ever want you to leave me* days... If nothing changes by the time your little one gets older, you may want to consider changing, and if you do, don't feel bad, it may allow your little one to meet someone who could fit his or her needs better. However I am still hoping he/she will come around and be the cuddlyish grey you want him to be
  10. One thing I've also noticed, (at least with Archimedes) they're more vocal when they think nobody is home/listening... I'll put Archimedes in the cage and just go in the other room for a bit, about half an hour later is when he starts to babble. My theory is that he practices when he's by himself, and after he's confident enough that he's mastered the vocalization, then he'll show you. (I coulda sworn I heard him say "good boy" a few weeks ago... but I haven't heard him say it since) point is, chances are he may start talking soon, but he won't let you in on it till weeks or even months later
  11. just wanted to give an update, Archimedes is doing well, his nostril area is darker (looks like a bruise) but the nostrils themselves have shrunk down to size. I will say, he was more careful flying around today, but we'll see how long that will last... We are gonna put some of those decoration window stickers on the wall hopefully help him realize, hey! this is a window you can't fly through!
  12. aww dan, nothing wrong with Archimedes channeling his feminine side... and ya gotta admit... he loves looking pretty!
  13. I have to second what Jayd is saying. While it's great he finally found something he liked... it's not safe... think of it this way... would you fill the container with water and drink from it? Personally I know that I wouldn't... so I wouldn't give it to my grey either. Think of it this way... would you eat from it, or would you give it to a human infant...
  14. I've posted it before, but he is as much a makeup junky as I am... He loves playing with my old mascara tubes... and he loves when I "apply" makeup to his face... he's got his own face brush that's never been used (no powder or any other product)... Every time I do my makeup I've gotta do his too
  15. Today Archimedes was out and about and having fun as he usually does... until he hit the window beak first... He wasn't harmed, just stunned. He's still acting normal, eating drinking, screaming (the usual) I took him in the shower with me and I noticed one of his nostrils (his right) looks larger than normal, almost like it's being stretched out. I'm hoping it's just from the stream from the shower, however I'm worried that it may have been from the impact. He also has a cut on the other side, but that may have been from toys... it's more the right nostril that I'm concerned about (it's only the right nostril too, the left seems normal) edited to add video... wanted to take a picture, but he wouldn't stay still long enough
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