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  1. so the score is skunk 0 me 3 ... yes we have caught and removed all 3 skunks from my home. we have cemented in and built a wall where they were digging out ... I think we are good :D :D it was the longest month of my life and stinky'est
  2. yes yes ... i not only had 2 but ... another one shot his "load" the other night at 130AM under my house that was so horrific it woke up everyone in the house and burned my eyes and nose the rest of the nite IT WAS GLORIOUS GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the 3rd keeps getting out of the dang trap!!!!!!! so we've nicknamed him houdini ... I cant imagine he figured out how to pull it open once shut but hes gotten out twice now... shakes my head. Im so sick of skunk. I have my mother coming to town in March, my son getting married in March I dont want to be dealing with this. OH GOD my mother would DIE if it is still under my house lol when she gets here or if it stinks!
  3. WELL ........... Apparently I spoke too soon .............. Either the heffer had babies under there OR she was entertaining a gentleman caller because once we took her away we covered up the hole and NOW something sounds like it is crawling through my walls !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it AINT no little mouse :-| so she is coming back TODAY to lay another trap under the far side of the house where we can hear something crawling round and it still stinks in the downstairs bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant catch a break but I was told charcol will absorb the oder!!!!!!!!!!
  4. this was after she was relocated n released 2nd pic is her behind my house in trap
  5. So as you can see Im happy to report ... momma skunk has been caught and released far far away in a safe trap by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. We dont think there were babies under the house, the screaming I heard she thinks was the momma and something under there freightening her like a male skunk since its mating season or my cats. So that being said, the scent is dwindling down a bit hole WAS filled in with bricks and dirt. I looked this morning and I'll be a summabuck if something didnt dig it back out however the bricks prevented it from getting under there. Possibly the male skunk looking for another "date nite match" under my house? I dont know. Wish I had my son's deer camera thingy lol. I just hope whatever it is goes away I pushed the dirt back in and put a piece of wood over it so hope it takes the hint.
  6. By the GRACE Of God, and social media I found someone near by that is a wildlife rehabilitator with a LOVE and I mean LOVE for skunks so much so she even loves the scent EW EW EW!!! She did come out and put a safe trap with cheeto's and marshmellos and by that night I had a fat momma skunk in it YEAH!!!!!!! ty I needed that and noseplugs I was too scared with the birds and ALL my other outdoor animals to use moth balls The rehabilitator girl brought one of those havaheart traps and that is exactly what it did when she went near it the next day was SHOT stink out ALLLLL over the backside of my house and dear god its knee buckling bad scent .... BUT she is gone gone gone <does the happy dance> thanks
  7. I live in the country and we don't have anything like that I know of or I would of called by now. I read mothballs are TOXIC and Im not sure I want that under the floor where my bird's cage is at OMG ... I just don't know what to do ... I could cry!
  8. That was another suggestion was moth balls! Guess what Im buying this weekend? ... thank you for your suggestion
  9. Hey question ...... I apparently have a skunk that has taken up residence UNDER my damn house. Either it was screaming under there last nite OR there are babies. SOOOOOOOOOOO NOT HAPPY. In googling what the hell I can possibly do ... one of the suggestions was soak a rag in ammonia put at that hole opening and possibly under the house......... I have confirmed it indeed was a skunk since I saw it coming out from the back of my house. :mad::mad::mad::mad: It has already sprayed under there and stunk the whole house up for a WEEK!!!!!!!! Would the smell of ammonia be harmful to Marco? UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH IM SOOOOOOOOO ............................. UGH:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  10. I thought if we got a kitten I could train it to leave the bird alone and stay away from the cage but ............... THAT has NOT been the case at all be careful. Even the dog gets ALLLL crazy nipping at the air if the bird is in flight!
  11. I can relate to your child being in an accident and it turning your world upside down. Glad he is doing better. I wish him a speedy recovery!
  12. OMG !!!!!!!!!!! I feel like Im the only one who DOESNT have any feathers Guess I better start collecting!!!!!!!!!!! It never occured to me to keep them. Goodness knows I sweep up enough of them!
  13. Marco doesnt say love you either and she doesnt say me by name and hasnt said mommy yet she doesnt say night night either lol maybe they are related :eek: she doesnt say are you a chicken? (she likes to cluck as one all the time infact it usually is when I say I love you Marco!!! smh)
  14. ha not only can I not get marco to STAY .... but STOP is another word she cares not for!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask me how many times Ive swept up the seed she dumps as shes pulling and yanking on her seed holder cup I give her one firm stop, two firm stops and before I can get up and run over there ... shes dumped it x-( maybe I need to stop at 1 firm stop and then run :rolleyes:
  15. What does this really even mean? [h=2]Latest Reputation Received (1143 point(s) total)[/h] :confused:
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