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  1. I feel like my sanity is returning! Well, back to where i was before anyway. All is good on the farm, which we have named 3F. Forever Feathers Farm. I think i may have 2 more birds since my last post. A breeder who is getting out of the business had a Harlequin who is very disabled and a goffins that we took in for her. Still have the others (minus one Steve took into his farm along with 4 roosters, lol.) Now also have 6 dogs and 4 cats with one pregnant. Long story there. Also have 14 chickens and 3 turkeys. Okay maybe not so sain after all.
  2. Miss you all! I have been away entirely too long. I am so sorry to read about Kittykittykitty and JD.
  3. Everything OK with you and your flock? Haven't heard from you in awhile.

    1. murfchck


      Sorry,  internet is hard out here! All is good here. Took a mental heath day today to get caught up!

  4. I need a break so bad, most draining part is acting happy and positive when deep down your just too tired to believe it. All the birds are great, Bongo goes in for a beak trim this morning. Pat will be taking him for me so I can be at the hospital with my sister in law. My niece, who passed away, her father (my husbands brother) went off the deep end and tried to kill himself as well a few days ago. They were able to revive him and he is in ICU. I am just drained physically and emotionally.
  5. Good luck to your friend! Try reaching out to Dee, she knows every rescue there is.
  6. The way Frito drags her feet around, a towel scared me with snagging her nails. That being said, this can move around fast when she wants to. Changing her paper sometimes is like the old hot potato game, grab quickly and move with precision! lol
  7. The best thing I ever started using is the memory foam rugs (or drying mat) in the bottom of Frito's cage (WalMart in the kitchen/bath area $3.99). I have two at the bottom for a soft landing. I just cover them with newspaper to make cleaning easy and if the poop hits the mat, it just wipes right off. I don't know why but Frito and Gabby both are my most aggressive of the greys. Little stinkers for sure!
  8. We have the 2 that are handicapped, one was the metabolic bone disease and both of her feet are wacky, Frito, and then Gabby, one of her legs are bent at the "hip" and the foot is turned inwards. Frito is the only one who has a special cage design, Gabby just has lots of shelves where she can rest (and chew said shelves, lol ). Frito has to have her cage papers changed daily though and she won't let Pat in to it! We raised the bottom to about 2" below the food and water bowls so she could crawl around and play. She loves that but what a mess, she will poop and walk through it or put her beak i
  9. 22 right now. 21 after Christmas! It is a team effort for sure.
  10. This is Ming! Yup, we are officially insane. Lol. Actually, a friend found herself unable to keep Ming due to her health and she is also about to have both hips replaced. Ming is 14 and has been with them her whole life. One of the girls who helps me with my birds asked her mom and dad for one for Christmas. They asked me to help them and 4 days later I picked up Ming. Funny how things meant to be have a way of working out!
  11. I have been watching your addition of the sunroom, it looks incredible! We won't be doing anything about the pigs until after deer season. The deer seem to know our house is their safe zone and bed here at night. I do not want to disrupt them and drive them away so, you and the pigs can have a date next year!! I posted that picture on Facebook, you may have seen it there. Yup, she does have me wrapped around her finger without a doubt! She has been pretty cranky lately, I am chalking it up to hormones.
  12. Okay. I got this picture thing now! This is Frito! Also, Tamale with the last picture I took of my niece! What else have you not seen that ramble on about? Lol the chickens, goats, new dog, new cats?
  13. Steve, come on out here! From a week or two ago!
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