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  1. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    I have been watching your addition of the sunroom, it looks incredible! We won't be doing anything about the pigs until after deer season. The deer seem to know our house is their safe zone and bed here at night. I do not want to disrupt them and drive them away so, you and the pigs can have a date next year!! I posted that picture on Facebook, you may have seen it there. Yup, she does have me wrapped around her finger without a doubt! She has been pretty cranky lately, I am chalking it up to hormones.
  2. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    Okay. I got this picture thing now! This is Frito! Also, Tamale with the last picture I took of my niece! What else have you not seen that ramble on about? Lol the chickens, goats, new dog, new cats?
  3. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    Steve, come on out here! From a week or two ago!
  4. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    Thank you all, it has been a rough year but is getting better. I am still unpacking boxes if you can believe it, lol. I found the Christmas box with all the stockings. Wow, do I have to get some more this year. Gilly, Tamale, Frito, Scout (who, by the way, is now Kiwi. Poor bird (quaker) started talking and keeps saying Kiwi so I can only guess that is his real name) Jake and Annie and Jane. I am pretty sure we had Athena last Christmas, I will know when I start putting up the decorations. Holy cow, 7 new ones in less than a year. We are insane! I need for the bird show to come to town soon. I need 21 new boings, lol!
  5. Murphy Flock, 9 and counting.

    I am hoping things are getting back to normal again. (well as close to normal as our life can be anyway). I am really not sure if I have written what has been really going on. It has been a very tough few months. A week before our friend moved in, our beautiful niece killed herself. It made us understand why, after the long struggle to buy this home and despite all the odds against us we got. It was so we could be here for Pats brother and wife when they needed us. We got a call on Oct 2nd asking for that help. It has been a whirlwind ever since. All the kids on the rodeo team were and still are just incredible. The did a tribute for Olivia at the last rodeo where her boyfriend rode her horse out during the opening and then when barrel racing started, her best friend walked her horse out and walked the barrels in her honor. This is how they retire a horse and show respect to the fallen rider. Most beautiful thing I have ever seen. As for the birdies, they have been less than happy with us gone so much. They may rethink those feelings one day when I do get back to the full swing of being here for them and annoying them with my constant attention. lol Bongo is back in the main rooms with us again so he has gotten a little bit less mad at me. Not much but I will take a little. Frito is still an angel, except the biting. We had a great thing going but then with the mayhem around us, she has gotten nippy with me. This too shall pass
  6. Sorry, I missed the part about starting a new thread so I figured I would copy the original post and go from there. To my dearest babies, Bongo, my first, I love you with all my heart. I love you helping me with meals and how you fly to my shoulder when you see me come in the room. You are my special little boy and nothing will change that! Please stop picking at your feathers, it is breaking my heart to see you do this to yourself. Oliver, my second boy. You came to us near death and now you are independent and just a joy. I am sorry your wing is bad and you can not fly like the rest, but with daddy help you get to soar with the best of them! I love you! Bubba, our third. You came to us because we were told your first family had an illness and couldn't give you the time you needed. Turns out you had your own medical issues that we are working through. You are such a winner in my eyes and with that, please stop calling me ptthhhh. You can say so many things, why not my name or even someone elses would be okay, but a fart noise as a name is embarrassing. I love! Gabby, our fourth little gift. You despised me at first but have come to accept me as your transportation, thank you for that. I love how you help me with the dog dinners, if only you would understand that we don't mix the wet and dry food by tossing them on the floor, we like to keep the bowls on the counter and mix them with a spoon. Your creepy old man hello that your whisper in my ear when I am changing your cage papers has become second nature to us now but I remember the first few times you did that to me knocking me on my butt in fear, good times! Love you my Gabby goo! Gus, the first of our U2's. Gus, Gus, Gus. What can I say to you. You pulled my heart strings when I heard you had been locked in your cage for years so you came here and hugged me and loved me like no other so I made the mistake of spoiling you by letting you out all the time and being on my shoulder when the times were right. After a lot of blood loss, we had to change that and now you won't accept I am doing this for your own good. Please stop the screaming, you are very loved and we would love to show that to you! Cotay, STOP BITING ME PLEASE. Lilly, I saw you years before your moved in and the day our eyes met, I fell in love with you. You are just so precious and good natured for a U2. I can do whatever I want to you and you take it in stride. Please stay on your stand and stop jumping off of it so you can stay with us in the big room and not have to go to your room. When you go to your room you scream and give me a blasting headache. I know you just want out to roam the floor and use my Chihuahua's a toss toys but for everyones safety we can't let that happen. Koko, you came to us full of life and have proven to be one of the best older U2's I have met. You sing so bad it makes me smile. You dance like no one is looking but I am and I love every head spin you do! Chacho, aka Albert. It took several months before you got to move in with us. From the moment you said "Albert's freaking out, Let Albert out" during the surrender, I knew we belonged together and I never even got to see your beautiful face. I know you didn't like the lady who took you and you proved that by doing your flying attacks on her so she called me up and told me to come get you. The first time I saw you, you let me pet you through that cage and hold your little stubby talon. On the ride home, we bonded more over a French fry. Now you try feeding me, I love that you love me. but please know your already processed food all over my face because I move my head around to keep it form going in my mouth, is a sweet gesture but ewww. Also, daddy loves you and you should really stop dive bombing him with the thought of killing him. When you learn to accept him, you will get to come out and play with the rest, but until then you have to stay in your room when the rest are out. You are my sunshine baby boy! Today may be a hard day for you all as yet another may be moving in. Ixta is a sweet grey who has had a tough life. She watched her brother die after a macaw attack and then had to live in that same cage with the blood remnants, unable to come out for years. She pines for a change of life and we have offered it to her. She looks like all of you, featherless, so please welcome her into your flock as only a group like yourselves could do. You are my band of misfits, and I love each of you with all of my heart! Lisa
  7. Best of luck finding the correct owners! Great job helping him to find his way home! I am in the dallas/ ft worth area if i can help you in any way!