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  1. neoow


    Alfie makes a water noise when I replace the water in his bowl. He says hello when the phone rings or the door bell goes. He also says hello when he hears/sees my housemate return home from work in his car (probably does the same when I return too). And he now says hello in my voice and responds in my housemates voice. He also says see you later and bye when he knows we are leaving the house. Alfie isn't a big talker, never has been. But he loves his whistles and noises. I love hearing other birds (not just greys) talk. I find it fascinating. I don't mind that Alfie prefers noises over words. He has his own way of communicating with me.
  2. neoow

    Bringing 5yr old CAG home

    Hello! Welcome to the forums! Aw I'm so excited for you and your new addition! Just take your time and be patient with your bird. Changing homes is a big deal with lots of new people, places and routines to figure out. Greys CAN be fairly change adverse, so it's usually best to work at the birds pace. If she seems confident enough then let her out. If she is visibly scared or anxious then let her settle in for a day or so. Wing clipping is a personal preference. I believe the owner needs to make that choice based on the bird itself and the environment they are in. My bird, Alfie, is fully flighted- and I am super cautious about doors and windows. It works just fine for us and I've never personally had a reason to clip Alfie's wings. If she is already able to fly then you might be taking a bit of a risk by trimming her wings as she might try and launch off as normal and drop like a stone after a trim. So long as she is safe and family members are careful about doors and windows then you should be able to keep her fully flighted. If you do decide to trim her wings then I would suggest a VERY light trim in the first instance to let her get used to the change. Otherwise she could potentially injure herself if she falls or crash lands.
  3. neoow

    Safe varnish for a playstand

    If you have any doubts I wouldn't use it. If the play stand is for indoor use then I don't think you need to varnish it...? Your bird will probably want to remodel the playstand by chewing parts of it, so I probably wouldn't run the risk, just in case.
  4. neoow

    Today we welcomed home Fynn!

    Such an adorable baby bird. Glad he's settling in so well!
  5. neoow

    New toy day

    Wow! What a great toy! Bet they love it!!
  6. neoow

    Hello and Question

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. neoow

    Isaac and Casper - A Hard Decision

    I really feel for you because I know it's not an easy decision to come to. A few years back (just before I found these forums) I was going through the agonising decision over whether or not I was the best home for Alfie and could give him everything he needs. I know how difficult it is to be in that situation and how tough the decision is to make. I know it's not one you would have made lightly. Thank you for your post and for your honesty. I'm glad you've already found a possible home for Casper!
  8. neoow

    Grey started nipping

    Welcome to the forums! Please do stick around and share your stories/questions with us! (and photos... hint hint!)
  9. neoow


    That is really good news, thank you Jayd! I'm sure this has put quite a few minds at rest!
  10. neoow


    Oh that's awful. I'm sorry you both had to go through that. Fingers crossed for no permanent damage
  11. neoow

    Introducing Cosmo to new perch

    If Cosmo strongly reacts to the new perch you could try leaving it nearby within his sight (but at a distance). I've found this sometimes helps when introducing new toys that Alfie doesn't like. I'll leave them near his cage (but not in or on it) so he can check them out and make sure they're not going to kill him. I usually find it's easier to then add the toy to his cage. I've never really had a problem with perches though. I usually just add them in to his cage and he accepts them readily enough. Hopefully it all goes smoothly for you! (and Cosmo)
  12. neoow

    Need tips and tricks!

    Aw he's a cutie!!
  13. neoow

    Under the wings

    I managed to get a sneaky photo as Alfie was stretching and getting ready to sleep. It's not great but hopefully helps to show what I'm going on about. When his wings are down you can't see these feathers. But he preens them a lot and you can see they are quite separated and tatty compared to his other feathers. I don't think he's plucking them out as I can't see any bald areas. I'm fairly certain any feathers that do drop out are due to a natural moult and not being pulled/plucked. I've never noticed any damage to the feathers I have checked after they fall out. It's been like this for as long as I can remember and he's always preened himself a lot in that area (on both sides). He preens the rest of his feathers too but nowhere else on his body looks like this. I'm not sure if this is anything to worry about. He baths in his water bowl (refuses to bath in anything bigger despite my best efforts of finding an alternative!) and I try and mist him regularly- though perhaps I need to do this more often. Under the wing is the trickiest part for me to get as he rarely opens his wings for me to mist and he will always put his face in the way of the spray.
  14. neoow

    Accident at the house today

    Hahaha! I love the relationship you have with your birds- especially with greycie.
  15. neoow

    Birds on Social Media

    Do any of you have a social media account for your birds (or other pets)? I usually post regular photos of my cats and Alfie to my own social media accounts. It might seem a bit daft but I recently decided to start a twitter account for Alfie - which is written as if he is posting the content. I have actually found it to be quite fun and I have connected with several other pet accounts (and regular human accounts!). It allows me to share some of Alfie's antics and see what other people's pets (mostly birds) are getting up to. I just wondered if anyone else here does similar?