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  1. Alfie's Aviary

    My housemate added a couple of shelves to the aviary this week to give the cats something to climb/jump up to. Both cats have been out there now. They had to go separately as one of them had to have some teeth pulled earlier this week and now the other cat hates him because he came back smelling like vets (and she really doesn't like the smell of vets!). So we're letting things settle. I did try to put both of them out there earlier but she was having none of it so I brought her back inside whilst he explored. Alfie hasn't been out there yet. It's all been a bit crazy with the cats and I've been ill all week with a bad bout of tonsillitis so despite the weather being perfect for him to go outside and play, I just haven't been able to get him out there yet. I have, however, been stockpiling lots of large boings and toys for him to play on once he finally gets out there. Will take photos/videos as soon as I get the opportunity to get him outside and settled in!
  2. Need tips and tricks!

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. It is never easy to lose a beloved pet.
  3. Need tips and tricks!

    Sometimes when introducing new toys it helps if you hold the toy at a distance and show the bird how much fun it is. Get excited about it, show them all the colours and materials and talk about it excitedly. Sometimes the curiosity overcomes the fear and the bird shows a bit more interest. Typically if you have something your grey will want to know what it is.... so use this to your advantage when offering new toys. I do similar with Alfie whenever I show him new toys and also when I'm bringing something into the house he might not like. For a while he was scared of the washing basket- I have to carry it past his cage to take laundry to the washing machine and he'd get a bit freaked out about it. So I would cheerfully walk into the room with the basket and explain what it was and where I was going. I would also make a 'ooo' noise to sound excited about it. I do the same kind of noise whenever I introduce something new or 'scary' to him. As a result, when he's looking at something new and working out whether or not he likes it he often goes "oooo!". A few weeks back we had a load of snow and I set him on the window ledge so he could look at it. He stomped up and down in front of the window, eyes pinning, going "ooo!" "oooo!" because he was checking out the changes outside and wasn't sure to make of everything being white. It's always a good idea to start with new items from a distance, as others have mentioned. Watch the reaction of your bird and slowly move it closer. Depending on the bird, this could be done over hours, days or even weeks. Eventually you can get to the point where the toy is hanging near the cage, then on the cage and finally in the cage. Always move at your birds pace. Some are more change adverse than others. They do eventually come round and realise that the shiny new toy ISN'T out to get them!! Bath times... well, that's a whole different ball game. There is a thread somewhere on these forums about bathing parrots... if I find it again I'll post a link but I remember it being quite helpful. Alfie tries to bath in his water bowl, which unsurprisingly doesn't work so well (his butt doesn't fit!). He will tolerate a spray bath for most part- so long as I let him bite the nozzle of the spray bottle a few times so he can show it who's boss. I did buy him a bird bath that hangs inside the cage but he never learned to step inside it. He would sit on the edge and drink from it but would revert back to his regular water bowl when trying to take a bath.... even though the actual bird bath was much larger and big enough for him to walk into. Some birds prefer being sprayed, some prefer a dish of water where they can bathe themselves, some like showers, some like sinks.... it might take a little while to find out what your grey likes best (or will tolerate...) but do persevere with it because regular baths are important... however much they might grumble about them!
  4. FEED ME..

    How precious!
  5. GIT "R" DONE

    Aw thanks. I miss being able to contribute here as often as I would like! But sometimes life gets in the way. I have spent a little time catching up here this evening. I hope to be back on a more regular basis.
  6. Re-homed female CAG.

    Well done you for taking in a rescue bird. Others have already given lots of suggestions and far more advice than I could provide. Grey's are fascinating birds and I'm sure Maxi will bring you lots of happiness for many years. The main thing to remember is that everything right now is new to Maxi and it will take her some time to learn about her new home and her new flock. As others have said it's all about patience and "Grey time". She will let you know when she is ready to advance to the next stage of the relationship... Whether it's a head scratch, responding to you vocally or willingly stepping up for then first time. There is a massive amount of information on these forums so feel free to look around and dig into some older threads. And never be afraid to ask questions!
  7. New CAG owner in Minneapolis

    Welcome to the forums! I see you have already completed the mandatory requirement of your membership here by posting a photo! 😁 Congratulations on taking Maxi into your home. It sounds like she's settling in just fine.
  8. GIT "R" DONE

    I have had to revert back to occasional lurker recently due to lack of free time but hopefully my schedule will ease up over the next few weeks and I can go back to commenting on posts rather than just skim reading them when I get a spare minute or two!
  9. Alfie's Aviary

    Its up! Its up! Its up! It took myself and my housemate three hours to figure out but we got there in the end. We made a slight mistake when putting the first corner together which affected the roof panels but once we realised and checked the diagram again we fixed it and it went (mostly) without a hitch. The doors were fairly awkward as we had some fixings and no instructions on what they were for. There also wasn't enough space for the inside door to open outwards so it opens inwards with the bolt on the inside. I can get in and out but it might be easy for Alfie or the cats to open it. Will need to monitor that one and maybe get a bit creative there. The weather is still too cold for Alfie to go outside but I'm so pleased it's finally there. I can now continue shopping for toys and perches etc to fill it with. I have to bear in mind that the cats will need to use it too so there may be some larger platforms installed for them to climb. I haven't worked that bit out yet. It is 12ft long, 6ft wide and 6ft tall so lots of space for Alfie to climb and play in. Can't wait for some warmer weather so he can check it out!
  10. Fingers!!!!!

    Oh wow, that's amazing. I think Alfie would probably just throw the spoon at my head. Or maybe throw it across the room and expect me to fetch it for him so he can do it again.
  11. Toy issue

    Timbersmom summed it up perfectly- a lot of greys do not like change and it can take them some time to adapt. Each grey is different. I've heard stories of grey's who wouldn't accept their owners because they were wearing glasses, or changed their hair... though those are probably more extreme cases. In regards to toys, I always show Alfie any new toys from a distance. I normally buy a few toys at a time so I take each one out of the box and hold it up for him to see (from a distance). I then see how he reacts before moving a bit closer with it. If he's feeling brave then he may 'beak' it to check it out(touch the toy with his beak). Or if he's unsure he will back off. I always try and sound excited when showing him new things, especially if he is unsure. This has resulted in Alfie learning to go 'OoooOooo!'. Now when he's unsure of something and checking it out he says 'OoooOoo!' because thats the noise I make when trying to get him to look at something new. You have to do things at a pace your parrot is comfortable with. I am lucky because Alfie will accept things reasonably quickly. I normally leave new toys laying around the room for a few days and move them closer and closer until he's ready for them to go in his cage. Sometimes I have to hang them outside the cage for a day or two before he's happy it's not going to kill him!
  12. Alfie's Aviary

    More snow incoming this evening and tomorrow. Hmpff!
  13. Alfie's Aviary

    I've been planning to have some kind of outside enclosure for Alfie for a long time. My dad helped me all summer sorting out my garden and redesigning it and we created an area where an aviary could fit. I had to wait until now before I could actually order the aviary as there was no point buying it right before winter as it would sit there unused for most of it. I knew I had a week off work this week so I ordered it in time to be delivered on Monday. Then the snow hit... This was the snow from yesterday. It's deeper today. So now I have a stack of panels in the middle of the garden waiting to be built. The weather forecast looks pretty rotten for the rest of the week with more snow yet to come. I will post photos once we are able to actually get out there a build it. Then the fun part comes... finding toys and perches to fill it with! It's going to be dual use- for Alfie and the cats (not at the same time for obvious reasons...!) so I'll need to find some things for the cats to climb on and play with as well. It will be located at the back of the garden, behind the garage on the right. It will then overlook the whole garden and the back of the house but will get some shade in the afternoons.
  14. I'm glad you found it helpful! Keep asking questions and keep reading the forums. Everyone here will be happy to help. Answers might be slow as we are a little quiet around here at times but there are many knowledgeable members here who WILL help when they see your posts.
  15. Vitamin D

    The last vet's comments weren't very helpful because, as you mentioned, sunlight through a window won't do much good at all. Avian sun lights are a good investment if your bird is not going to be able to go outside much/at all.