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  1. neoow

    Stanley Steemer Safe?

    This is really useful information as I have some carpets I need to clean and I was debating about hiring in a steam cleaner for it and wondered if it would be safe.
  2. neoow

    New grey

    Hello! Welcome to the forums! There is one 'rule' you need to follow here... We need to see photos!! 😁 Haha How old is your grey? Have you got a name for him/her? How exciting!! Bet you can't wait!
  3. neoow

    I Am...

    Too true! When I joined these forums I had gone through the thought process of whether I was the best caregiver for Alfie and whether he would be better off in a different home. I was living alone and working crazy hours plus studying and not giving him the attention he needed or deserved. I spoke with family and friends at great length but every time I thought about giving him.uo it reduced me to tears. Instead, I knew I had to make some big changes in order to improve things for Alfie. It wasn't his fault that I chose to study whilst working full time. It wasn't his fault that I was taking more on at work and therefore working longer hours. It wasn't his fault that his cage wasn't in the best place in the house. It's been a journey and I am still trying to do my best for Alfie. He's been with me since he was 11 weeks old and he's now 15 years old. We have many more years together and I am always trying to improve the time we have together and his environment. I am by no means perfect but I am trying. I know I would have instantly regretted giving him up and I'm pleased that I made the decision to stay. I am also glad that I found these forums around that time as it has been a massive help along the way. 😊
  4. neoow

    Unusual behaviour

    Thank you. That's what I wondered, especially as he had been shredding cardboard before hand. I did wonder if he got a little confused and thought it was an egg! I will hide it away for now as I don't want him to get confused or frustrated. He 'played' with it for about ten minutes or so, holding it in his foot and beaking it/biting it. Then he dropped it off the shelf. His wings were still drooping for another minute or so then he went back to exploring and pushing everything off the shelf. Of course I don't actually know for sure that Alfie is a he at all. I've never had him DNA tested and whilst the place I bought him from told me that he was male, I don't think they ever had him tested either. It was just really unusual behaviour for Alfie and I've not witnessed it before. Like I say, he normally runs around his shelf throwing everything off it and expecting me to fetch it all!! 😂 I'll keep an eye on him and won't leave egg or ball shaped foot toys out for a little while. Hopefully I haven't encouraged any nesting behaviour (or egg laying if it turns out he is a she!).
  5. neoow

    Unusual behaviour

    Alfie is displaying some strange behaviour this evening which I haven't seen before. He was happily shredding some boxes and then noticed a ball with a bell in it on his shelf. Normally he would just fling toys off the shelf but instead he picked it up with his foot and is almost smothering it with his body and wings whilst beaking it and biting it. Anyone else seen this kind of behaviour with your birds? What could it mean?
  6. neoow

    New Keto dish

    Look delicious! 😂
  7. neoow

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    Sounds sensible!
  8. neoow


    pandemonium sounds about right. Can that also be applied to a singular grey? Alfie can create enough pandemonium all on his own! 😂
  9. neoow

    The Parrots Prayer

    too true!!
  10. neoow

    Bird Mites From Doves and Outdoor Aviary

    I have an outdoor aviary now and the biggest problem that I have is that the spiders love it and keep building webs everywhere! 🙄 I also have birds landing on it and pooping everywhere as I haven't got the top covered. So before Alfie goes out I spray it down with the hose and then scrub it down with some f10 bird safe disinfectant, diluted at the highest level to kill as much bacteria as possible, then rinse it off with the hose. I'm mostly worried about possible diseases carried by the local birds/wildlife being passed on to Alfie. The hose clears most of the cobwebs... the scrubbing brush gets the rest! It might be over the top but I'd rather make sure I've done everything I can to prevent it.
  11. neoow

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    He's doing so well. Thank you for the photo updates. Maybe he knows he has hit the jackpot so is making the most of it!
  12. neoow

    What's in yor food bowl?

    Alfie is exceptionally picky and always has been. He has a seed, nut and dried fruit mix which is his daily go to. I am trying him on harrisons pellets and tops pellets at the moment but he is not impressed. I have never managed to fully convert him away from his seed/fruit/nut mix. He is a nightmare with vegetables and usually ignores them completely. He will eat mashed potato and will occasionally entertain the idea of peas and cooked carrots. He has tried some sweet potato mash as well recently but the verdict is still out on that one. He gets whatever he can have from my dinner plate in his bowl but isn't normally interested in trying it. He normally just flings it out of the bowl in disgust. He likes banana, especially dried banana chips. He always digs those out first. I have tried chop but he's never been interested. I've tried putting things on a skewer in his cage but it mostly gets ignored. Unless it's a grape. He likes grapes. I keep persevering but he's very contrary. He might give something a go one day and then the next he's chucking that same thing across the cage in disgust. 😂 I'm debating about getting a dehydrator and adding some dried veggies into his daily mix... see if he picks anything out that he likes from that.
  13. neoow

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    That sounds similar to what Alfie does with some of his toys- grabs them and lets go so they swing and then sticks his head under them for a scratch. 😂
  14. neoow

    Did I go too big?!

    Helping... inspecting... official taste tester...!! Lovely photo!
  15. neoow

    Hi To All

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking in a rescue bird. What is his name? He is a beautiful bird! One thing you will learn quite quickly is a little thing called "grey time". This is the time it takes for a grey to adjust and accept changes. This can be changes in routine, toys, location, people etc etc. Your bird has just undertaken a very big change and at a month in everything is still very new. Your bird is trying to adjust to a new home, a new human, a new routine, new sounds, new toys... everything. This can be a bit overwhelming for a grey as they can be a little change adverse at times. It can take days, weeks or sometimes months for a grey to adapt to these kind of changes and come out of their shell. This is what we call 'grey time'. Some changes may be more readily accepted by the bird than others... so there's no telling how much 'grey time' is needed for different changes. The important thing to remember is that the grey will show you when they are ready to accept a change or a new offering. They will also show you when they are not ready. A lot of this is shown via their body language- so pay attention to what your grey is doing... especially if you receive a nip or a bite...e.g what were the eyes doing, how were the feathers being held? There may be some subtle signs that your bird gives you before he resorts to a bite. Given enough time, you will start to be able to read your birds body language and will be able to know when the bird has had enough or is happy to progress. You will have many amazing years together and it sounds like you are already off to a fantastic start. These forums are full of information so feel free to have a look around. Ask as many questions as you need to- there is always someone here who can help and advise!