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  1. I'm glad you found it helpful! Keep asking questions and keep reading the forums. Everyone here will be happy to help. Answers might be slow as we are a little quiet around here at times but there are many knowledgeable members here who WILL help when they see your posts.
  2. Vitamin D

    The last vet's comments weren't very helpful because, as you mentioned, sunlight through a window won't do much good at all. Avian sun lights are a good investment if your bird is not going to be able to go outside much/at all.
  3. Hi again Erfan I already mentioned 'grey time' in my previous response to one of your threads. There is a really good thread on these forums which is worth a read: It is a long thread (70+ pages!) but goes into a lot of detail about Katana's experiences with bringing an African grey parrot home and learning all about what 'grey time' is and means. This thread is well worth a read and may help you with your bird. Everyone here is extremely helpful and supportive and there is a wealth of information on these forums about how to look after and care for your new addition. As I mentioned before the best thing to do is to step back a bit and give your grey some time to adjust to the new surrounding and environment. Keep calm and be patient. It will be a learning process for you both!
  4. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    Alfie learned how to yell my name in my dad's voice recently because my dad was helping out in the garden and kept calling me when he needed a hand or wanted something. It caught me out the first time as I thought my dad was back in my house calling me!
  5. Dorian's New Toy

    Alfie doesn't want to know me until he has demolished all of his boxes Perhaps I should start getting creative and make something like this as well to give him a bit of variety in what he has to shred!
  6. I've just responded to your other thread which looks like a copy of this one, but I'll paste my response here in case the other gets removed for any reason: Hello and welcome to the forums! There is a lot of information already available that may help you out with this. First off, you have a wild animal. More so, your bird was taken from the wild, away from other birds and stuffed in amongst humans. This is a MAJOR change for any animal to adapt to. I'm not sure of the history of the bird but you have only known him/her for 14 days. That's nothing at all. Your bird is not like a dog or a cat. Parrots are not domesticated animals and therefore they will not readily accept humans like a dog or a cat might. The process of getting your bird to trust you enough to accept you will be a long and winding road with lots of ups and downs along the way. What you'll quickly learn along the way is that African grey's operate in their own time. Around here, we call it "grey time". 14 days in "grey time" is nothing. It could take weeks and months for your grey to adapt the changes that have happened recently. You cannot force a grey to do anything it doesn't want to do. You have to let the grey work in it's own "grey time" as every bird is unique and will adapt and learn in it's own unique way. At the moment, you need to take a step back and view things from the parrots perspective. Slow it right down. Don't try and force the parrot to do anything that's out of his/her comfort zone. Obviously you need to feed and water the parrot but other than that all interactions should be done from a distant where you parrot does not scream and growl. Talk to the parrot, read books out loud in ear shot of the parrot. Let them get used to your voice and slowly get used to your physical presence. Everything should be kept calm and controlled. No sudden noises or movements where possible. Always work at the birds pace and watch and learn to know when the bird is comfortable or scared/angry. For example, my grey has known my current housemate since 2011. It has taken them that long to bond to a point where they can interact with each other. To be fair, my housemate also needed his own "grey time" to adapt to living with a parrot, but it took months of interactions between them before my grey trusted my housemate enough to sit on his knee and accept fuss from my housemate like he does with me. There will be other members who can add a lot more than I can about this and will be able to advise better than I ever could. However, in the meantime I would recommend you take a look around the forums and threads that already exist to learn more about your bird. They are truly remarkable animals and the smallest breakthrough will seem like you've just won the lottery. It is worth the patience and perseverance!
  7. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    Alfie is not much of a talker. He prefers sounds (and the more obnoxious, the better as far as he is concerned!!). But he will fixate on certain noises for a while, so I don't think it's unusual. At the moment he does a whistle which sounds a little like R2D2 from star wars. He loves that one right now. But next week it might be a squeak or some other noise.
  8. A blatant plea for sympathy

    Sorry to hear you are in pain again. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  9. What do you do during family dinner?

    I don't have a dining table and it's just myself and my housemate so we typically eat on the sofa/armchair. Alfie isn't really interested in our food. If he's out he's normally too busy playing or shredding boxes. Occasionally he will join us on the sofa or sit on our knees. He rarely shows as interest in whats on the plate or anything that's offered to him off the plate though. If I did have a dining table then I'd probably have to be wary of glasses being knocked/pushed over or off the table I think. Alfie likes to throw things about so I could see him getting into mischief on a dinner table!
  10. Dorian's New Toy

    Haha aw bless him. Looks like he's having so much fun! Alfie loves cardboard too. I let him out of his cage the other day and he looked like he was going to fly to me. So I put my arm out and he flew straight at me... only to curve off at the last second to land on his shelf instead... where his cardboard box was....
  11. Wing Clipping Help & Very Fearful Bird

    I'm not sure if I have much useful advice to offer. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the situation you're in as I can appreciate it's tough to know what to do for the best. Alfie is 14 years old and he will still give me a nip/bite if he's not happy about something. Over the years, I started to become scared of being bitten and worried about handling him. I think he picked up on this and it made the situation worse. It has taken us both a long time (years) to work through this together. He will still give me a nip if he's grumpy about something but I have worked on learning when and why I might receive a bite. I have also learned to approach Alfie with more confidence and this generally gets better results. That's not to say I am boisterous or try and pick him up when he doesn't want it. But I try and remain confident in my body language and my voice when handling him. It sounds stupid but it has helped. I find if I am nervous and Alfie picks up on it, he is more likely to bite because either he is nervous as well or he is pushing the boundaries (e.g trying to stay out past bed time!) Typically I know when I'm likely to receive a bite and I ride it out and talk through it. Nowadays they're not even that painful (except for the odd one) because I think he's realised he's not getting as much of a reaction. Alfie is also a 'no shoulder' bird. I do not trust him on my shoulder because he will not sit there for long before pulling at my hair or trying to get to my ears. That makes me uncomfortable because I cannot see what he is doing and I am worried that he may manage to catch my eye one day. So I persevere with the 'no shoulder' rule. When he lands to my arm he will try and make his way up it because he wants to sit on my shoulder so I put my other arm in the way. He will either step up onto that arm or he will move back to my forearm/wrist. Typically when I am sitting down he prefers to sit on my knee/leg anyway, which suits me just fine. Poppy is still very young and has a lot to learn. I'm afraid I don't have any useful suggestions for you but I hope you, the family and Poppy manage to find a way forward that works for you all.
  12. Dehydrated Food

    This is a great idea but my kitchen is so small I don't have any room for any more gadgets.
  13. Just want to say, 'hi'!

    Welcome back! I don't know how you multiple bird families cope. Alfie keeps me on my toes enough on his own!
  14. Snapped a few photos of Alfie today. He looks like he is posing for them!
  15. GreycieMae's calming yoga

    Haha you definitely caught her having a moment!