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  1. I've never really bought special furniture to account for Alfie. He lives in the living room/dining room so I have sofas, TV, dining table, chairs etc. I throw an old blanket over the sofa when he's out because there are two shelves above it that he hangs out of and drops things off. So the blanket protects the sofa from any shredding cardboard/toys or a stray poop. He likes to try and chew on the cat tree because it has some wicker baskets on it (bad choice, in hindsight) so I pop a few cushions over the bits he's most likely to land on to try and deter him. When he decies to hang upside
  2. neoow


    Yep pretty sure bamboo is safe
  3. neoow

    Vet question

    I always go into the room with Alfie. The vet will let him out of his cage whilst he talks to me about any issues or what he's there for. Alfie will inevitably fly around the room and seek a hiding spot away from the vet. The vet will wait for him to settle somewhere, scoop him up in a towel and and take him away into the back room and I'm left to wait in the initial exam room. When Alfie comes back I get to 'rescue' him from the big bad vet. He's usually quite glad to see me!
  4. Really good to hear from you Shanlung- I always enjoyed reading your adventures. Hope you are keeping well!
  5. Wow 6 months has gone quick! I'm so glad she's doing so well.
  6. Wow 35! And you've had him all those years! Amazing. Alfie used to have an odd little red feather on his back above his tail in amongst his grey feathers but it moulted out years ago. He now has a teeny tiny little red feather on the back of his leg. When I first spotted it I thought it was blood until I got a closer look. It's a really cute one... if a feather can be cute haha. I think you just have a special bird. 😄 I would love to see some photos and I'm sure others would too!
  7. Yeah- I try eating it in front of him and making a big fuss about how delicious it is... he's just not interested. I rearranged the room a bit after my housemate moved out last April- my PC and desk went upstairs and I now having a dining table. Alfie sometimes comes and sits with me whilst I eat but he has no interest in what I'm eating. He would prefer to fling the coasters off the table and cause chaos. 😂 I have tried cooked, uncooked, chop, whole/big chunks, dried/dehydrated, hanging it in his cage, skewers, birdie bread... everything I can think of. Unless it's banana or the occasio
  8. Wow, poor Matilda! And poor you! But at least you were looking out for her and willing to take her to the vet. I'm sure it was stressful for you both but hopefully she's now much more comfortable and on the mend. Hopefully it will resolve the problem as well. Wishing her a speedy recovery!
  9. Oh Alfie ALWAYS eats it... which is gross. He regurgitates and then immediately swallows it again. 🤢 He does the same when he regurgitates for his toy.
  10. I try not to encourage him regurgitating for me as I don't want him to get frustrated. He had a particularly hormonal time just before he decided to take a disliking to me nearly two years back- I couldn't even say hello to him without him getting worked up. So I am trying not to encourage that kind of behaviour with me. We're doing good with our trust and relationship and have been working hard to build bridges again so I'm trying not to do anything to rock the boat and set things back. I wasn't sure on the toy though as he's not really regurgitated for a toy before, so it was a new one
  11. I second everything greytness said. Hopefully it's just a one off because she accidentally damaged it. Alfie had a feather hanging out of his wing the other day and he just reached round and pulled it out... it was ready to go though so it was a complete feather and wasn't damaged like this one. But it clearly annoyed him that it was so out of place! Just try and stay calm around her- I know how hard it is to worry about whether or not they are plucking but they feed off your mood and stresses- they are very empathetic. So if they pick up that you're worrying or stressing then that can ma
  12. I don't have much advice but just wanted to say hope all goes ok with the vet. If she's not eating as much as normal then the weight loss makes sense.
  13. Well I guess it's that time of year again. Alfie is starting to show some hormonal behaviours- he regurgitated for my big toe the other day and often starts drooping his wings and making his baby clucking noises which usually mean he's getting a little excitable. I've noticed a new behaviour though- he has a toy hanging in his cage at the bottom of his boing which he usually loves to beat the snot out of whilst hanging upside down and bouncing around on his boing. Recently he's decided that instead of trying to beat it up that it's now his best friend and keeps trying to feed it... I've caught
  14. I've not been in a similar situation before but it sounds like you did everything you could. You cleaned off his feet and it doesn't sound like he had chance to ingest any, so hopefully all is ok! Alfie doesn't like going on the floor very often so I always move anything breakable or destructible on to the floor. If he does end up on the floor he's normally quite cautious and moves around slowly enough that I can move anything out of harms way.
  15. Similar with toys- you spend loads of money on expensive parrot toys... and they want to chew the box they were delivered in!!
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