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    Parrot Shaking

    It's probably a little difficult to determine if there is an issue from that video alone. I echo the above and say it just looks like he is sleepy and preparing for a nap. Please also be aware that we are not vets and therefore would be unable to diagnose any health issue on these forums. If the behaviour is new and unusual and you have any concerns then I would recommend getting in touch with an avian specialist vet. If he is lethargic and has stopped eating and behaving normally then this is usually a sign that something is wrong. Is he eating ok? Pooping ok? Otherwise behaving normally? Is he playing and moving around as normal? Greys do shiver/quiver - usually on their chest. According to some sources this is a sign of "emotion". However, when coupled with other symptoms then it could also be a sign that something isn't right. If in doubt, consult with a specialist vet.
  2. Yeah... He out smarts me every time! 😂
  3. Alfie loves whistling and loves to learn new noises... but he's not a particularly big talker. In fact, he's a bit of closet talker, preferring to practice when he thinks I'm not around or not listening. It doesn't bother me that he doesn't talk much. It always amazes when I do see videos of very talkative birds- particularly those that clearly show an understanding of what to say and when. I always knew that Alfie might not be a big talker when I got him. He says a few words but he picks and chooses what he wants to learn, and how often he wants to use it. He has neglected some words and phrases which he used to say and no amount of repeating it or encouraging it will make him use them again. He has always favoured whistles and noises (the louder and more obnoxious, the better!) and that's ok with me.
  4. Alfie is an awkward little bugger. He shows no interest whatsover in what I'm eating and will never venture over to see/steal what's on my plate. He's not particularly great at eating his veggies but will eat fresh fruit. He will eat dried/dehydrated veggies more often than fresh/cooked veggies. Pellets were an absolute no no. They got tipped or flung out of his bowl at high velocity. I have tried every make I can get my hands on to no avail... until recently when I tried him on tropican pellets.I got the really small ones which are yellow and green and have a very fruity smell to them. He will actually seek them out in his bowl. I mix these in with a seed, nut, dried fruit and dried veggie mix. It also has some larger tropican pellets/sticks in which I think he mostly eats round/avoids. In good news though, I'm seeing a lot less food wastage with this particular mix. I end up buying four or five different products and mixing them all in his food bin. It's working for now. I persevere with trying to get him to eat fresh foods but most of that gets tossed to one side!
  5. Happy new year everyone!
  6. Not sure it counts as a tradition or not, but I always try to take Alfie with me to my parents house on Christmas. I then sleep over at theirs and he gets to help eat the Christmas dinner and boxing day dinners. (He likes my mum's cooked veggies but doesn't touch any that I cook for him... favourtism!! 🙄) I say 'try' to take him with me because I have to convince him to get in the travel cage first. He's getting better at it but in previous years I have had to leave him at home because he took himself back into his cage rather than going in the travel cage then refused to come out! This year he stepped into it on the first time of asking, which is a first! When it happened I was so shocked I said it was a Christmas miracle! Normally he likes to give me the run around before getting in it. I can't wrap presents for him because he loathes wrapping paper. He growls at it. He wasn't too bad with it this year when I was wrapping presents because I used brown paper rather than the usual stuff, so it looks, moves and sounds different I guess. However, I didn't buy him any toys because he has quite a few new toys that he hasn't touched yet. I'm also planning on getting some food, treats and new perches in January. The cats got their Christmas present early at the start of December- they got a new cat tree!
  7. I love Einstein too! He's hilarious!
  8. I second what greytness said - parrots are very good at masking/hiding illnesses so a change in behaviour like that can sometimes indicate there is a problem. If it were my bird, I would get him to the vet ASAP.
  9. Great idea for a toy and really kind of you to donate toys to a rescue as well!
  10. These are all foot toys! I think it covers anything that they can pick up and hold with their foot to chew/shred/throw etc etc. Alfie very rarely bothers holding toys with his foot. He prefers to fling them at me and watch me fetch them!
  11. If there is, I haven't found it! For Alfie, I put things on the floor. He prefers being up high so anything I don't want him to mess with goes on the floor when he's out. He very rarely explores the floor so everything is generally safe there. With Pixel and Widget... NOTHING is safe. 🙄
  12. Alfie seems to have been hard hard by his hormones this year. I only had to walk into the room and say hello and he would start regurgitating. Only thing is he will then immediately eat it afterwards. Gross! I also had to be really careful what foot toys I gave him. Anything round was out of the question as he would treat it like an egg rather than flinging it at my head like he usually does. After that he went through a spell of being quite distant from me and then he would fly to the back of my head and bite it. That was after some upheaval when I was decorating the rest of the house though... and I also decided to cut my hair really short so I think it was just too much change in a short time. At the moment we are in some kind of middle ground. He will let me scritch him out of the cage on occassion but he will not put his head down for scritches whilst he is in his cage. He reserves that for my housemate instead these days. He follows me round the room to see what I'm up to and will fly to me as well (without attacking the back of my head).
  13. Haha too funny! Widget and Pixel are like no other cats I have ever known. My housemate came up with the idea of bengals because I was dubious about having cats. I'm very much a dog person and have always been more wary around cats. He sold me on them because of their personality traits and activity levels. They are both extremely vocal and super active. Widget is VERY smart and will sit and observe and work things out... like how to open doors. Pixel will just charge in head first without a second thought, whereas Widget is more calculated about things. They both chase anything that moves. I have watch Widget jump a few feet in the air and catch a fly mid-flight... so you can see why I don't trust them with Alfie flying around! They are also exceptionally loyal. They are almost dog like in how they know when we are coming home and rush over to greet us. And it's not even just because they are hungry- they seem to genuinely enjoy being in our company and will follow us around the house. They do play together but they play ROUGH. They will fling each other around. Pixel will usually instigate it then scream the house down when Widget goes too far. She's a little princess sometimes. 😂
  14. They look absolutely adorable and I'm glad they are settling in so well!
  15. I love the three bell perch. I've not seen anything like that before. I reckon Alfie would love that! Still no luck with getting him to go near it, but I'm sure he'll get there eventually. I did consider wrapping the outside in rope too... but I'll see how he takes to it first and might add that later. And yes... I can almost guarantee there will be food splattered up the walls!! 😂 The cat is one of my benglas, yes. That one is Pixel, my little girl. Well I say little, they'll both be 9 years old later this month. My boy Widget was sound asleep upstairs at the time otherwise he probably would have been in the photo too. They just dive into everything haha. The cat tree is a floor to ceiling one. It's in the living room where Alfie lives. When he comes out, I shut the living room door so the cats play upstairs and Alfie plays downstairs. They are never allowed in the same space when Alfie is out as I'm too worried about accidents happening. They pretty much ignore him whilst he's in his cage other than sniffing around him sometimes. They know better than to stick a paw in. When Alfie is out the cat tree is one of the higher 'perches' in the room so he often flies up there to scope out the room (and chew the curtains). He sometimes climbs it too if he lands on a lower part of it. So it's a multi-function cat and parrot tree. 😎
  16. I'm fairly sure head and neck scritches are fine- but anywhere else could lead to some mixed signals. Like most things, it probably depends on the individual bird.
  17. Yes I do. Some days it is very difficult to get out of bed - let alone have to deal with and engage with anyone. 😂 You need to look after yourself too. Make sure you rest and sleep when you need to. Timmy will probably still keep calling out. I know Alfie sits there calling out during the day when I'm not there. He practices lots of sounds regardless of whether I respond. Yes, he enjoys it when I'm there and I DO respond but he's also quite happy chattering away to himself sometimes too (so much so that I couldn't get a word in to call back even if I wanted to!) You're of more use to Timmy when you're well rested and happy. They pick up on moods so quickly. If you're tired and run down, he'll notice. And the more tired you get, the less patience you'll have. So give yourself a break and don't be so hard on yourself. This is one day in a lifetime. Let it pass and hopefully tomorrow will be a better one.
  18. I've been looking at giving Alfie some different play areas downstairs where he spends all of his time. He currently has a couple of areas he likes to hang out - his java tree which is next to his cage and two shelves above the sofa. He also sometimes hangs out on the cat scratching tree. I found a hanging perch which I thought would be great which cost £40 new (a good price!) so I ordered it without taking any measurements. The thing is HUGE! 😂 However, I asked my housemate to hang a couple of ceiling hooks so I have two spaces to hang it - one is opposite his shelves near the fire place (the fire is disconnected so never used) and one behind my PC chair because he likes flying over to see what I'm up to. He hasn't tried it out yet but he is a little curious about it - but not curious enough to go near it. I leave it hanging up in the back near my PC and then I move it when he comes out as we're mostly hanging out on the sofa these days. I did try to take him over to it earlier this week but he shied away so I didn't force the issue. It has a few hoops so I will be able to hang some toys on it as well - but I'm leaving that until he's actually sat on it and used to it. The added bonus is the two food bowls - gives him a place other than his cage to grab a snack and a drink when he's out for long periods. I hope he eventually likes it! Pixel (the cat) couldn't resist getting involved when it turned up. So she is there for size reference. She is not a large cat. 😂
  19. So sorry to hear about the second bite. I would echo what others have said about offering a treat rather than scritches. This is what I do with Alfie. He gets a banana chip for going back into his cage. I've pretty much nailed the routine of him getting back in the cage with minimal fuss and not giving me as much of the run around as he used to- but he still gets a treat every time. I really don't know what else to suggest. It's sometimes very difficult to work out what the trigger it and therefore how to avoid it or change the behaviour.
  20. Please do not apologise. Karen summed it up perfectly - we are a community here and we will be with you through the good and the bad. I think we can all appreciate that losing a pet is very difficult and nobody would think ill of you sharing your sad news. I had 13 years with my dog Ben. Whilst I miss him, I have lots of happy memories that still make me smile to this day. We never did replace him and in fact it took us years to get another dog after our first dog, Sam passed away. If/when you get another cat/pet I don't think you ever 'replace' the pet that you lost. You will still have all the memories and you will still have the hole that they left behind. I would love to have another dog (but circumstances don't allow it right now) but he/she would never be a replacement for Ben... or Sam for that matter. Every pet is an individual and will bring something new to the family/flock/household. Nobody can tell you the 'right' time to get a new cat/pet after you have lost one. It's a very personal decision. I hope you are doing ok and that Snickers is looking after you. We're here if you need us.
  21. They're not just pets they become family members. We spend so much time with them, caring for them and bonding with them that it's always so difficult when we lose them. I'm so very sorry for your loss, especially as it seemed so sudden and unexpected. I still miss our German Shepherd, Ben. He was such an integral part of our family and he got me through some particularly tough times. Even though it's been several years since he passed I still think about him and miss him.
  22. Oof sorry to hear that. It's tough to know what goes through their heads sometimes.
  23. Alfie loves shredding boxes and it's difficult to keep up with the habit. I remove tape and don't use boxes which are dirty or look like they have been kicked aorund.
  24. What a lovely post. I'm glad HRH Inara is still keeping you both on your toes. Her vocabulary has always amazed me.
  25. Congratulations on adopting your grey! I agree with the above posts. Just take a step back and let your grey adjust to his new surroundings. He has been taken away from everything he knows and is familiar with and greys can be particularly change adverse little critters. He might be staying in his cage because it is the only familiar thing he knows right now. Just keep talking softly to him, let him know what you're doing it. Read him some stories or the news or whatever else you have laying around. Get him used to hearing your voice. Do this from a distance. Get him used to you moving around the room and going near his cage. But give him space. Don't try and force the issue with him. Just feed and water him and let him know you're around if he wants you. Over time he will slowly adjust to you, your home and his new routine. Depending on the bird this could take days, weeks or months. You have to be prepared to be patient and understanding as he adjusts to and learns about his new home. He might start to show an interest in you or what you're doing. Great. Let him. Encourage his curiosity but don't force him too soon. Let him figure out when he wants to be move involved and come towards you. I agree that whistling is a great way to communicate with a grey. My grey Alfie loves to whistle back and forth with me. Again, this might take a while and you might not get a peep out of him for a while- but just keep encouraging him. He'll come round eventually.
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