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  1. Timbersmom

    Only a Grey

    I took your post exactly as intended. Considering Timber's reaction to a change in my nail polish or anything orange, I can certainly see him being freaked out by a change in skin color.
  2. Timbersmom

    Birds on Social Media

    Same here, I follow Einstein and Felix but don't have one myself.
  3. Timbersmom

    Introducing Cosmo to new perch

    The only new thing Timber accepts without stress is perches. I'd do them one at a time, so if he needs to adjust he has the old ones to use until he adapts.
  4. Timbersmom

    Under the wings

    Timber does the same on his "underarms."
  5. Timbersmom


    Oh my! That's horrible Prayers for no permanent damage.
  6. Timbersmom

    New African Grey - Mocha

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  7. Timbersmom


    Prayers for Howardine!
  8. Timbersmom

    How to put grey in to box

    Is this an avian vet? If not, is this a vet with bird experience? Timber was very aggressive and upset when I first got him and started taking him to have his nails trimmed. I was amazed at how calmly the vet and tech toweled him up and trimmed his nails without getting a bite, because he was giving it his best shot. I don't know your situation, or your bird, so can't give advice, but anesthesia is tricky with birds and I'm not sure a nail trim would be worth the risk?
  9. Timbersmom


    Excellent responses for you to consider. Thought I'd just throw this in... when I first joined the forum someone told me they will always go for the highest point for safety, which is why they head for your shoulder. They feel safer there. They also usually sleep on their highest perch in the cage etc. I don't let Timber on my shoulder either for safety's sake. As Neoow pointed out, they will grab on with their beak if they feel like they are unstable. While this is not technically biting behavior, I don't want that grab to be my ear or my face! My Avian vet calls their beak their "hand."
  10. Timbersmom

    Made some chop!

    Ha, yes. I've often thought I could feed 10 other birds at least with what Timber leaves in his breakfast bowl.
  11. Timbersmom

    Adopted new grey

    He's beautiful! They are attention hounds. My Timber rarely talks when I'm in the room. If I go to another room and listen closely, that's when he talks. I always suspect it's the last trick in his bag to get me to come back to the room he is in.
  12. Timbersmom

    Adopted new grey

    Thank you for rescuing Diego from his less than ideal situation! I also have to drive 2 hours to see Dr. Kirsting in St. Louis. I was fortunate enough to find a vet who "sees birds" who is only about 20 minutes away. They do a good job on nail trims between trips to St. Louis.
  13. Timbersmom

    New Guy at our house

    What a pretty bird! Hope he settles in soon.
  14. Timbersmom

    Isaac Meets Casper the Baby Grey

    Congratulations on your new baby and best of luck on the interaction! Having only one, I have no advice for you.
  15. Timbersmom

    New grey

    Hello and welcome Isha!