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  1. Timbersmom

    Baby, it's cold outside!

    LOL she looking distressed alright. That's one reason I don't belong to most of the facebook groups. I left drama in junior high where it belongs and refuse to participate now.
  2. Timbersmom

    A young lady

    Happy hatchday Corky! Is dad letting you date yet?
  3. Timbersmom

    Grey in the hospital

    Wow, if looks could kill... better to look po'd than pathetic though! Ugh to $35 a week.
  4. Timbersmom

    Gilbert is home

    I'm sure glad you were able to avoid chemo. Your case is much like one of my best friends. She has several female close family members who have had issues, but is negative on the gene tests too. She has an MRI and mammogram yearly, and so far has been good. I'm so thankful they can catch it so early and do so much now. I'm glad Gil is dealing with things so well. Can you imagine the angst the routine changes would have caused a few years ago? She has came so far...
  5. Timbersmom

    Clever Baby 😊

    LOL She's smarter than me! Sometimes I struggle with those snapping containers... They incredibly smart.
  6. Timbersmom

    Grey in the hospital

    Poor Ollie! It is so sad to see them just sitting there when they are usually so active. The good news is it will pass! When Timber was at his lowest point healthwise, it was heart wrenching to see him huddled on the towel in the floor of the hospital cage. The recovery is worth the downtime, though Ollie might not agree with the cone of shame
  7. Timbersmom

    Grey in the hospital

    Glad the surgery is compete. I hope he recovers quickly and well!
  8. Timbersmom

    Grey in the hospital

    Good news to start my morning! It was shocking to see "euthanasia" even mentioned. As Greywings said, even if they had to amputate the foot Ollie would have adapted quickly and could still live a full life.
  9. Timbersmom

    Pink leg feather

    You never know with the red feathers. Timber has a couple that he has had since I got him, so I'm assuming they are permanent. I call then his "beauty marks"
  10. Timbersmom

    Grey in the hospital

    Oh my! Prayers for Ollie and for provision for the cost of his care.
  11. Timbersmom

    Debbie and thegars

    Hello and welcome to you and Debbie! She's a beautiful bird
  12. Timbersmom

    Question regarding diet

    I remember hearing one of the more experienced people on the forum saying no more than 2 small pieces of fruit a week. Timber doesn't like fruit so that's never been an issue with me, ha. I try to give Timber a variety of things. He likes some vegetables cooked, others raw. You have to experiment, and don't assume if your bird rejects something once it is a forever thing. You can offer Timber the same food three times in a week, once he will eat it the other two times he will pass. In addition to pellets, veggies, and a quality seed mix, they also sometimes enjoy boiled or scrambled egg. Timber is partial to meat, and I'm not sure how common that is. Meat is fine, just watch out for added salt or sauces that are unhealthy. They often enjoy a chicken wing bone, for instance. I just buy a pack of frozen wings and boil one for Timber occasionally. I strip off most of the meat and give him the bone. If he's in the mood, he'll strip every bit of marrow out. It's fascinating to watch. Look at the "stickies" on opening page of the forum for nutrition and diet info. There is a lot there. As Kasperhm mentioned, sprouted seeds are good for them, and usually well received. Many of the forum members make "chop" for their birds (also birdy bread) and there are recipes in the diet and nutrition area I just mentioned. Unfortunately for me, Timber doesn't like either one. However, he is extremely picky and naturally thin (according to the avian vet).
  13. Timbersmom

    KIWI chick with her first Grey

    Hello and welcome to you and Tali! I'm a rehomer so haven't had baby experience, but she's beautiful
  14. Timbersmom

    Just want to say Hello

    Hello and welome to the forum! Your birds are beautiful and what a great looking aviary!