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  1. Timbersmom

    Hi new member

  2. Timbersmom

    Hi new member

    Hello and welcome! Love their names
  3. Timbersmom

    crystal stones

    Regardless of the cause, I'm so sorry for your loss
  4. Timbersmom

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    How frustrating when companies don't stand behind their products.
  5. Timbersmom

    9 week old not eating as much

    Excellent news, keep us updated!
  6. Timbersmom

    Need advice

    Hope that works out!
  7. Timbersmom

    A small scare

    It is scary when they freak out, especially won't you don't initially know the cause. I haven't had that happen with Timber before.
  8. Timbersmom

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    This is the bulb I use: https://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-24975-Compact-Fluorescent/dp/B000KH9S88/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1539033229&sr=8-4&keywords=avian+sun+lamp I have this cheap floor lamp, which has lasted since 2013. It seems very cheap, but it has really held up well considering. https://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-AvianSun-Deluxe-Floor/dp/B006L49LHC/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1539033375&sr=8-15&keywords=zoomed+lamp The one SR posted above looks nice.
  9. Timbersmom

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    Sunlight isn't possible for us but I do the full spectrum avian light every day. It is important. Sure glad to hear she is better!
  10. Timbersmom

    Unusual behaviour

    I tried taking Timber's boxes away (because some said that encouraged nesting and amorous behavior) and I didn't think it made any difference at all. He loves his boxes so much that I gave them back and never looked back on that one.
  11. Timbersmom

    African grey pair

    Hello and welcome! You have a beautiful flock.
  12. Timbersmom

    Unusual behaviour

    I have nothing to offer. Timber gets a bit amorous at times too. I ignore the behavior and keep hands off until it passes. Have to feel for them though!
  13. Timbersmom

    First vet trip

    Glad to hear he's better today! It is scary (to me anyway) when they do anything "out of character" because they hide illness. It's good you have a vet who can see him so quickly.
  14. Timbersmom

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    As Greytness said, make sure you are seeing an avian vet. One comment I'd make is you might want to go to flat perches rather than round. Perching low like that can rub their keel and even split it with time. My TAG has a seizure disorder and a neurological condition, and that's the first thing the avian vet told me to do, get him off round perches.
  15. Timbersmom

    Need advice

    I agree also.