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  1. No good...

    Odd. It plays for me.
  2. A New "FIRST" for Joey

    They never cease to amaze. Never give up, never stop hoping is my motto with Timber. Maybe Joe will decide to become a daily bather, you just never know!
  3. Prayers Please...

    There is absolutely no excuse for the way our vets are treated. So sorry you have to go through this!
  4. Prayers Please...

    A big thank you to William for his service!
  5. Prayers Please...

    Prayers for Jay. It is hard to stay positive in the middle of a bad situation. That's when you count on your friends and family to lift you up in prayer.
  6. Appearance

    To your original question about clothing etc., it really depends on the bird. Timber is terrified of anything orange. Why? I don't know, I just know he is. So, I avoid wearing orange if I'm going to be near him, and I know not to put a piece of baked pumpkin in his cage.. You learn this kind of thing by trial and error. As to vegetables, you already got good advice. Timber loves fresh peas (not the pods, the actual pea). He also loves artichokes. He tolerates and occasionally eats broccoli and a few others. He kinda sorta likes cooked sweet potato, so that is in his breakfast bowl every day. You really have to experiment. Some things they like raw, some things cooked. Just keep trying, that what most of us rehomers have to do.
  7. Need tips and tricks!

    I am so sorry to read this.
  8. Re-homed female CAG.

    What a beautiful bird!
  9. Gilbert is home

    It was sure good to hear from you! I've been wondering how you were doing. I doubt Gil will every cease to surprise you. My newest grandbaby is 2 months old now. What a joy they are. Glad you are all well
  10. The way that my parrot responses to me

    He looks much more comfortable to me as well. Sometime you want to go back and look at your old videos so you can see the change in his body language for yourself. When you live it everyday, you don't always see the minor improvements that are occurring.
  11. Recipe Assessment

    https://sproutpeople.org has really good (though not cheap) sprouting mixes for birds. They also sell a little sprouter that works well. I used them for Timber for years, but the last year or so he decided he wasn't going to eat the sprouts any more so I stopped. I need to try it again, since he tends to get tired of things then start eating them again after a period of time elapses.
  12. Need tips and tricks!

    Jayd mentioned a cardboard box earlier. Cardboard is Timber's favorite thing (except his bells). He doesn't care much for wood, but loves shredding cardboard. That's definitely worth a try. She's beautiful
  13. Need tips and tricks!

    Hello and welcome! Two months isn't long in "grey time." Toys and new things often need to be introduced slowly. Think hanging/setting the toy at a distance from the cage, move it a little closer every couple of days, and finally into the cage. I have a Timneh also. I don't think, from what I've read, that they are more fearful than the CAG's. I have to introduce any new thing to Timber slowly and over time.
  14. Alfie's Aviary

    Very nice! Make sure and take some pics when it gets warm enough to put it to use
  15. New CAG owner in Minneapolis

    Hello and welcome. What a pretty bird!