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  1. Praying your daughter. Depression is such a difficult thing to deal with, for the sufferer and for the family.
  2. Timbersmom

    Introduce your pets

    Yes, I can barely keep up with one bird and 2 cats! So sorry about the loss of Sophie. Our other two cats (19 and 18) died earlier in the year. It's never easy, even when you know it is "time."
  3. Timbersmom

    Some of our Cockatiels

    Loved the pictures! Thanks for posting
  4. Timbersmom

    Photos of Alfie

    At least he didn't pout! Beautiful pics.
  5. Timbersmom

    Salsa Sings

    I'm always amazed when I hear an Amazon sing!
  6. Timbersmom


    Love Felix!
  7. That's interesting. When Timber lifts his foot, it is always because he wants to get on my arm. Timber has a fear of hands and will only step up on my forearm.
  8. Timbersmom


    Joey was getting his strut on! Timber doesn't have much reaction to any music but metal. He will head bob and shift back and forth for that. I'm always amazed at how "human-like" they are when it comes to likes and dislikes.
  9. Timbersmom

    Does your grey curse?

    Timber came to us with just a couple. He calls my hubby a**hole, and says d*mn bird with some regularity. It could be much worse! He had a couple of homes (at least) prior to us, so who knows what he has been exposed to or picked up.
  10. Funny about the paper towel roll, that's one of Timbers favorite things to play with/chew on. On the other hand, anything orange in color will set off his alarms and cause a scene. I love to hear the vocalize, so hope that is OK in your situation. That's one of the things that sets them apart from the other non-human occupants of the house, their ability to communicate.
  11. Timbersmom

    Feather condition

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Your grey is beautiful I have no experience with plucking, but others here have, and they will respond soon I'm sure.
  12. Everything I've read here and other places says it is best to ignore the behavior. Also, don't touch her on the back or tail, which I don't think you are doing anyway if I've read your posts correctly. Timber tends to get a bit too "affectionate." When that happens, I just put him back on his cage.
  13. Timbersmom

    Alfie's Aviary

    It looks like he's having a great time! What a nice setup.
  14. Timbersmom

    Re-homed female CAG.

    That is fantastic progress! I can't play the video immediately above.
  15. Ha to the "make a profit!" I shudder to think how much money I've spent on Timber since he came to us 6 years ago, but don't regret a penny of it. When he has an inclination to bath, I put a 8x8 glass baking dish (heavy one) on the cage floor. With the encouragement of a few ice cubes he will usually dive in. The dish has "lips" on either end that he can perch on easily.