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  1. There are some cooked mixes like Birdie Bistro and Higgins Worldly Cuisine that Timber likes. He will NOT eat a pellet under any circumstances, I've tried them all. Also, I keep a quality mix of seed available. To some, seed has a bad name, but as Dave007 (one of our valued members who had a lot of experienced but has passed away) said, seeds are a natural part of their diet. I mix safflower seed, hemp seed, a few sunflower seeds along with some nutriberries from LaFeber in Timber's bowl all day. They also have the advantage of not having to be changed every few hours. You can also feed boiled egg white and occasional helpings of lean meats like boiled, baked or roasted chicken.
  2. I don't have experience with plucking. Seeing the vet would be my first step, which you are doing. The one thing I thought of was do you have a light for her? I use this one: AvianSun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb. I've seen others dealing with plucking say UVB light can help. Meanwhile, hello and welcome to the forum!
  3. Hello and welcome! I don't have any advice to add, but wanted to say I'm glad to see another caring rehomer on the forums. Good luck and God bless with Boomer.
  4. Ah yes, that awkward moment when they realize we really DO have a purpose. The only time Timber let me hold him on his back was a time when he literally was hanging by one foot and beak. I put my hand under his back and he released immediately and relaxed into my hand. It's been several years, but I remember thinking that I had finally really earned his trust.
  5. That is so sweet! The joys of being a grandparront
  6. My husband is so proud. After years of putting out a hummingbird feeder with no luck, he had two regulars this year! My mom always had 3 feeders and couldn't keep them full, but this is the first year we've managed to attract any.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Is it only the egg laying that is making you feel that way? A lot of bird owners have to deal with that. It's a natural occurrence and isn't your fault.
  8. We put out a feeder every year. This year we have actually managed to attract one hummingbird. So proud I have friends who have multiple feeders, multiple hummers, and have a hard time keeping their feeders filled.
  9. I've had the band removed, but Timber isn't microchipped.
  10. I sure feel for you. My avian vet is two hours away, not a fun trip for me or Timber. How inconsiderate of your vet to retire! I know, I know... I was wondering though, is there anyway you could contact the old vet and ask for a recommendation? Probably a long shot but one that crossed my mind. Meanwhile, I'd be looking for avians even if they are further away. It's disturbing to me that they didn't due a blood draw on his first visit as a "new" patient with him. I thought that would be standard operating practice and would have alleviated any liver concerns? I'd definitely hold Alfie myself if you have the rescue ladies come back. I have to take Timber for nail trims to a vet who "sees birds" in between trips to the avian vet. I'm satisfied with the vet who does the trimming, but I'm a lot less anxious if I hold him rather than the often inexperienced techs who would hold him there otherwise. At the avian vet, that isn't a concern because they are all trained for birds. Good luck!
  11. It played 1:30 for me. Funny the way he was walking on the carpet. If he would have had the words for it, looks like he would have been yelling "the floor is lava!" Loved the video! Thanks for posting.
  12. Haaaa go Huey! Bet Greycie was laughing at him somewhere in the background...
  13. Glad to see you back! I often wonder about "regulars" who don't post anymore, and hope they are OK. I think we all have periods when we have stuff going on and aren't as active as usual.
  14. Timber has been known to get on the floor and come looking for us if we aren't in the same room as he is. He doesn't fly, but doesn't hesitate to cruise around on the floor. I'm convinced he doesn't realize he isn't human anyway, so probably thinks nothing of walking about like the rest of us. The only problem is, he really hates feet. This isn't a problem unless I'm wearing sandals. He is compelled to go after my toes if they are bare! We sleep on the second floor and he sleeps on the first. He hears us stirring in the morning and probably vocalizes more then than any other time during the day. If he doesn't think we are moving quickly enough to get downstairs, he runs through his whole vocabulary of speech, plus most of his mimic noises and whistle patterns. I rehomed him nine years ago, and like you Acappella I'm thrilled with the progress we've made over the years. During the first year, there were so many times I despaired of ever having a relationship with him. He was terrified and untrusting. I'd give a lot to know what he went through previously, but can't honestly say how many homes he was in before he came here.
  15. Love your videos! You are so lucky Greycie wants you to "handle" her. Wish Timber did! He will let me scratch around his head, but the belly is off limits!
  16. Beautiful pic! GreycieMae is a lucky girl.
  17. Timber loves his stainless steel steel bells and a set of stainless measuring spoons.
  18. Mine also, I use that same one sometimes and another very similar one alternately.
  19. Timber also has a variety of wood types and sizes, as well as a rope boing that goes to the ceiling. He doesn't chew on them either. Well except for the boing, he loves to chew on that and it has to be replaced pretty regularly or his talons will start getting caught in it.
  20. Second that. I wouldn't give any supplements without vet approval. Other foods have vitamin A too.
  21. I don't think they do. If you watch birds in the wild, the only time they aren't perching is when they are nesting to reproduce. I think perching is their "natural" sleep position.
  22. Awww pretty baby! They do love those head scritches!
  23. Timber sleeps in his cage, on the highest perch in the cage. I don't know anything about the "Bird Nest" you mention. First thought would be that you don't want to encourage nesting behavior because even unpaired females can lay eggs, leading to calcium deficiencies, being egg bound etc. As I said though, I don't know anything about the item you are talking about.
  24. Hello and welcome to the forum AkkiDa!
  25. My bird won't touch them, dry, soaked or otherwise. I've read other posts from members who said this worked for them also. Glad you found a work around!
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