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  1. Beautiful pictures Ray! Thanks for sharing
  2. They sure grow fast! From something that doesn't look very bird-like to beautiful baby greys in such a short time. Fascinating
  3. Hello and welcome! I enjoyed watching the "hatch" video and hope Ella thrives under your care.
  4. Gives me a chill up my spine seeing that picture of your eye! You are right, Einstein could have been the biggest biter on the planet and I suspect we would have never heard about it.
  5. Haaaa loved them! Timber hates feet. Woe to those who wear sandals when he is on the floor....
  6. Ouch! Like neoow, I can't let Timber on my shoulder. He's trustworthy in certain situations (mostly) but totally unpredictable in others. Thank God that bite was no worse than it was!
  7. Timber is a "dunker" even with soft foods sometime. He will drop something (like a quarter piece of toast with peanut butter) in his water bowl then pick at the pieces and eat them. Nasty I say, but he seems to enjoy it.
  8. I would love to have an Amazon. As I've said in other threads, I don't feel that I have the time and attention to devote to multiple birds since Timber's illness. Makes me sad! Maybe someday I will feel differently.
  9. Timbersmom

    Potato Chips

    In a perfect world, the answer would be no. In the real world, I give Timber things he in loves but aren't really good for him in small amounts once in awhile.
  10. I am woefully ignorant on this issue because I have no experience with it. My first thought was "sure wish Dave was still with us." Dave was a breeder in the past and was always able to provide good information for people dealing with eggs. I remember him saying to leave the eggs until your bird loses interest, which will happen after a period of time when they don't hatch then remove them. Wish I knew more! Good luck.
  11. Yes, what everyone else said. Sounds totally normal to me!
  12. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby
  13. That's the truth, my cats would be behind me pushing me toward the zombie so they could escape.
  14. Timbersmom


    Flight, definitely!
  15. I'd probably pick a pampered house cat. I've always wondered what they are thinking!
  16. I'm in the kitchen, so knives. Oh, and the Glock 19. Only one clip here though.
  17. Timber does too, and has for several years. Before his illness, he had a bell hanging in his caged that he loved to the point of "expressing his affection" if you know what I mean. Tis the season!
  18. Timber here again. In my opinion (not so humble) your human is getting lazy. They tend to do that if left unsupervised for too long. Have you let down your guard and slacked on your daily training routine with her? It's easy to do because it can be tiresome since humans require endless repetition and reinforcement or they will quickly forget all you have taught them. That said, the grapes are nonnegotiable. You have to make a stand at some point and rein her in, and some things are simply not acceptable. Don't bother with the ASPCA. When I called the moronic human who answered wanted to talk to my human. Pointless. They obviously have staffing issues and have forgotten their mission. Good luck and know that I feel your pain.
  19. This is Timber. My human "retarded" about six years ago and has been in my face since. You have to take the good with the bad. Pros include constant housekeeping services and treat availability. Cons include her constant presence. She gets a bit noisy at times during my nap time and has to be reprimanded. Humans are like that though, you must maintain discipline at all times. In the past few months things have been a little different. She doesn't go to the store as often to pick up the things I need, which can be problematic but we are working through it. The male is a little more of a problem. He appears to be bored, which drives him to spend a little more time than he should trying to get my attention. Humans are soooo needy. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! Hang in there!
  20. Happy Hatchday Alfie! He is a beautiful bird
  21. I believe the behavior is similar in both genders, and that's certainly what it appears to be.
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