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  1. SRSeedBurners

    Hi new member

    Wow! Those are greyt photos.
  2. SRSeedBurners

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    I hope you paid with a credit card for the broken one. I'd resolve it through them. They always referee in favor of the buyer if you have any evidence.
  3. SRSeedBurners

    Hi new member

    Welcome! Would love to see pics if you have them.
  4. SRSeedBurners

    9 week old not eating as much

    Let us know how Lucy liked it. You may have a gobbler on your hands after introducing that stuff.
  5. SRSeedBurners

    9 week old not eating as much

    Have you tried some inbetween foods? I make an oatmeal that turns my adult grown Greys into groveling begging babies, complete with spoon feeding bobbing: I use quaker original oatmeal small piece of banana water and almond milk Ceylon cinnamon (not the common cassia) almond butter if you have it Cook like regular oatmeal and serve warm. I haven't found a bird yet that won't gobble that stuff.
  6. SRSeedBurners

    9 week old not eating as much

    I don't see where you indicated a previous weight to compare to. 413 is a pretty healthy weight for a baby but it's all relative to previous weights etc. Did I miss it somewhere? Can you give us a plot of previous weights?
  7. SRSeedBurners

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    This is one of the best light setups I've seen: http://www.arcadia-bird.com/e27-compact-lighting-unit/ Lots of people use the ZooMed I mentioned earlier but the stand it comes with is tall and susceptible to getting knocked around. Our's lastest barely a month before the light was hanging out of the unit from getting bounced around. That arcadia site has other options available too.
  8. SRSeedBurners

    9 week old not eating as much

    Pinkish is normal. That's about all I know about babies, that and they're super cute. Keep offering the formula though. They may go off and on it. My GreycieMae would still take it if offered when she came to us at 4mos.
  9. SRSeedBurners

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    Sunlight is critical. It's the reason I built an outdoor aviary for them. Lots of people use the one by Zoomed. Just make sure it's an avian full spectrum light and not a general reptile light. I have also seen where people have ruined their birds eyes even with the avian light by allow exposure to close. Sunlight is best if you can do it.
  10. SRSeedBurners

    Unusual behaviour

    You may just have to roll with the punches for now. It's the start of the 2nd hormonal season right now in the northern hemisphere and we're noticing Huey is all of a sudden trying to wine & dine my wife like there's no tomorrow. Of course this means that I must be chased out of the household. But who will pay the bills Huey - huh?
  11. SRSeedBurners

    Strange Posture...And Very Concened.

    Greywings, how did you treat it? I was going to suggest more sun but some people can't do that.
  12. SRSeedBurners

    Hello feathered friend parents

    I agree on your assessment of the AVB test. It was completely useless when we lost our Jardines to it 5 years ago. If they have it, you're screwed. I haven't heard of too much advancement in treatment for that disease. Lots of false positives (carriers abound) with the test when we were dealing with it.
  13. SRSeedBurners

    First vet trip

    oh oh...let us know how he's doing.
  14. SRSeedBurners

    Outdoor temperatures

    Winter temps all depend on the sun and wind for us. If it's a clear day and no wind, they can be out there at 45F no problems. Clouds or wind and I pack them inside at anything 55F and below. I just don't like seeing them miserably cold and they do tend to act miserable the couple of times I put them out for a short outing at around 45 in cloudy. I only did that because they were going to be locked up all day and they were only out there for 15-20 minutes. Our Huey is a special case. He doesn't like cold at all and he panicked when I left him in the aviary when it was cold. So I have a heat lamp I use for him and he's snug as a bug in a rug next to that thing.
  15. SRSeedBurners

    Outdoor temperatures

    It's all about acclimation. My birds can withstand temps in the 100-115F range as long as they're in the shade. Starting around 95-98F I will turn on a fan for them. However I can't just throw them out there in that kind of heat after being inside for months. They go out daily and as the season heats up they acclimate. Keep in mind at those temps they will lower their wings and open their mouths for cooling. If mine start to pant, that's when I take action for more cooling or just remove them from the situation. One thing that really helps is to have a casserole dish fulll of ice during the hottest part of the afternoon. I have caught my birds cooling off just by standing near the dish.