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  1. Help PHOEBE Stuck repeating......

    They do get stuck on their favorites. Our Huey won't shut it about going to take a 'shower' with mama. He loves to go 'shower'. It's all he asks about right now. I'm waiting to see if he'll move on from that too.
  2. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    It's a bedroom window that used to open to the outside. We just close the window and put the blinds down, but that doesn't stop them from knocking incessantly when they know you're in there.
  3. What do you do during family dinner?

    We have feeding cages setup in the living room. It just became insanity trying to eat with them. When we eat, they get a seed treat or something that they really like - usually only dinner time.
  4. Filled with stress. My neighbor...

    She has probably noticed what you were building and knows that your planning to keep the birds outdoors more. She's probably trying to nip it in the bud. I would immediately started videoing the noise of the dogs in the neighborhood. You need a record of that. Especially hers. Ordinances are easy to look up, just have a look at your town's ordinance and see what it really says about noise. It's probably similar to ours: Sec. 3 Depending on how loud your macaw is, she may have a real issue. We had a macaw that lived about a block away across a field. When that thing was in full tilt that's all you could hear. One of the reasons I won't ever have a macaw or a cockatoo. Hell, my Greys can be damn noisy at times and won't shut it. This is a tough one. Not all is lost though. If worse come to worse, you may just have to wall it in and make it an outdoor birdroom.
  5. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    That looks really cool!
  6. I want to apologize

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad is 80 this year and it's been a long time knowing that any day could be his last. I was very angry with my Dad for many many years and am glad that I have been able to bury the hatchet sometime in the last decade.
  7. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Trust me, you'll want that oversize safety area. I built mine too small on my outdoor aviary and it's a pain in the butt. I'm going to rebuild it and make it double or triple the size. I get tired of having to shuffle things around and squeeze things through.
  8. Dorian's New Toy

    Not sure how I missed this post. I thought nothing gets past me. Apparently one did. I'm glad I caught it, that toy looks right up GreycieMae and Huey's alley. Easy to make too. I'm on it. I make something kind of similar out of wood that I cut into thin slices. But that requires busting out the miter saw. Cardboard - much easier to deal with.
  9. zinc poisoning

    This is a rough one. I'm not finding anything in your post, other than the 'rough iron cages' you mentioned that could be leading to a zinc poisoning. My first question when it comes to vets, since people believe they are miracle workers - are you sure she is seeing an avian vet? You mentioned your vet 'has avian vets'. They either certified or not. I'm only shooting in the dark here that they actually know what heavy metal ratio to look for. This is a really good article I bookmarked years ago when I was agonizing over using GAW wire in my outdoor aviary. It's talks about chronic vs. acute zinc poisoning and you are definitely describing the chronic. There are some ideas in there about where it may be coming from: http://www.birdsnways.com/wisdom/ww14eiii.htm
  10. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    Even cooler! So you're waiting is nearly done! Did you ever decide on a camera [system]? I'm still fumbling around with getting electric and LAN cabling out there. We have graduated to leaving our two mids (Caique & Jardines) out there during the day. They have the smaller of the three sections. I had a guy give me a quote on steel reinforced security screens which I'm going to need before I can leave the Greys out there $3300!!! At that price I'll get my own welder and do it myself. Also got to have something before the heat comes along because mine will definitely overheat with no airflow. But even with just the two mids out in the aviary, that has freed up my bird room to where my Greys are loose in their bird room, and the two lils are just loose in the house. So we're technically cage free right now.
  11. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    So 5 weeks from Monday it should be done?
  12. Wing Clipping Help & Very Fearful Bird

    How close is your breeder? I'm wondering if they can come over to help you get the bird in a carrier. Some people aren't as fearful of getting bit and that's what it takes with some birds (our Huey butchers my hands & arms). I'm really surprised you're having this trouble with a handfed baby with a known history.
  13. Security cameras

    That's the way I see it. I'm not really up-to-speed on alerts and how they work as I don't plan on using them. I suspect that alerts are done through some software detection either on your own NVR system/BlueIris or you pay for a service, like the Nest cams, that do it for you. In both cases, your aviary cam would constantly be sending you alerts from the birdy movements if you tried to do it with one camera. I have seen some of the software, where you are setting up your zones and you could map out the aviary outside of the alert zone. I think that's how it works. In that case you could get away with one over-head turret cam. There are professional systems installers if you think it's something that will get over your head quick too. In our case, this new aviary is getting security bars on the inside that will serve to keep the birdies from crashing into the windows and also keep someone out.
  14. Security cameras

    I'm not sure one camera will work for your situation. You are wanting to survey the surroundings and receive alerts but you don't want the fids interfering with that. So in that case a bullet camera, mounted at the top near your roof ridge to monitor the perimeter of the aviary and a PTZ camera inside the aviary to watch the fids. That's what it's looking like to me. I would definitely consider getting it wired. Where is your electric panel in relation to the aviary? If it's just inside that wall where the cement was poured easy-peasy for an electrician. You can run a cat 5 and electric out of that vent just below your roof ridge.
  15. Security cameras

    NVR is Network Video Recorder. It's similar to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) camera system which is what you typically see at a 7-eleven or some other stop-n-rob type joint. Both record video for later viewing. DVR transmits an analog signal, over coax cable, directly to a DVR unit which in turn does the H.264 compression/conversion and stores the video. OTOH, IP cameras run over your standard Cat5 ethernet cable, are fully compatible with your LAN and do the H.264 conversion right at the camera sending the feed either directly to an NVR unit, or through your LAN/WAN whatever. They seem more versatile to me. I won't even consider a DVR unit if someone gave me one for free. I'm sure there are good uses for them I'm just hell bent on an IP camera so no DVR for me. Based on what you wrote, the only camera that I can think of that fits what you want is the Arlo camera. They are wireless - completely - running on batteries. I tried some out in my outdoor aviary and I could not make out my Jardines and Caique from the surroundings half the time. But it sounds like you are more wanting a perimeter surveillance? Not something to watch the birds? If you use something that gives motion alerts inside the aviary I can imagine it would be going off non-stop. I can't recall if the Arlo required a subscription for alerts or if you got a certain amount of cloud storage and alert for free. I'm highly adverse to any kind of subscription service for my cameras. I'm probably going to setup a BlueIris system and run my own server. I'm ordering my cameras this weekend once I crawl up in the roof and see how the heck Im' going to run cabling to the soffits.