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  1. SRSeedBurners

    Baby, it's cold outside!

    GreycieMae is ready for the severe cold weather and she's also not butt hurt over a 50 year old song 🤣 Interesting note: I posted this photo under the caption "Baby it's cold outside" on the FB group 'African Grey Parrot Club' and was swiftly silenced and the post removed. Prior to that some guy commented that I was being cruel and I swiftly told him he was an expletive moron since GreycieMae loves to have wrestle matches either in this very hat or a blanket. She loves being wrapped in it and play peek-a-boos. So I thought either my little entanglement with this idiot or the caption got me booted. It turns out I ran afowl of their rule against posting photos of birds in clothes. Bwaaahaahaahaahaa
  2. SRSeedBurners

    Two Greys, One cage???

    Being they are so young they will likely get along at some point. Putting them in the same cage that small is a risk. Greys need their space at times. I always recommend a second Grey if you can accomodate one. Greys get along or at least the playing field is level with one of their own kind. I hope your taking measures against losing your birdy when out in the yard. I get so tired of reading the lost bird posts on FB that I just skip right over them.
  3. SRSeedBurners

    Tops Mediterranean Bread

    Hi JoJo. I've never used the Mediterranean Bread by TOPS. But I did notice it has a very similar ingredient list that matches Harrison's High Potency pellet. In that case I would not make it a mainstay food unless your bird is under-weight. My suggestion would be to give it to your bird 2-times per week. Whatever they'll eat, it's not about the amount but he frequency. That's something I would feed to an under-weight bird frequently.
  4. SRSeedBurners

    Greys live with Cockatiel?

    Another Grey 🤣 I couldn't trust my GreycieMae with any of our other birds. She's just to big and can easily hurt them. Enter Huey, a strapping male African Grey and he put her in her rightful place! She tried to bully him but learned real quick it was no contest.
  5. SRSeedBurners

    Greys live with Cockatiel?

    At nearly 2 years old chances are Larry would not befriend a cockatiel unless you are very lucky. If Larry acts like a normal Grey and decides that bullying the cockatiel is fun and easy to do, you will have to be ever vigilant and one small accident can severely injure the cockatiel. I keep my birds in similar sized groups: greys together, my Viking mid-size ruffians together and my lils together. Even with my lils, my conure likes to bully the cockatiel but there is no size difference so he can hold his own.
  6. SRSeedBurners

    Clever Baby 😊

    GreycieMae puffs up and gives me her best rendition of a back-alley thug when it's time to put her to bed. She's had the same routine for 7+ years now.
  7. SRSeedBurners

    A young lady

    As it should be! Happy Hatch Day Corky. Every household need s a Diva.
  8. SRSeedBurners

    Grey in the hospital

    That last pic: "someone is gonna pay when I get out of dis". Ollie, I can't wait to see pics when you are all better and kicking some tail with that leg of yours.
  9. I remember using this skin last year. Forgot all about it.
  10. SRSeedBurners

    Clever Baby 😊

    Smart lil one! I would try that with my Greycie girl but I don't want the container destroyed.
  11. SRSeedBurners

    Sukei Update

    He's a handsome boy.
  12. SRSeedBurners

    Grey in the hospital

    Poor baby 😥
  13. He is of the age where they do go through a stage. It's like having a little teenager that has partially lost their mind. My girl got really bitey and stubborn around that age. She has settled down but still has her moments (a lot). She's 7 years old.
  14. SRSeedBurners

    Debbie and thegars

    They can certainly be little circus acts. I have one that's an attention hound. She does stuff just get ohs and ahs from the royal court.
  15. SRSeedBurners

    Grey in the hospital

    Glad Ollie isn't going to lose the foot or his life! We've had some close calls here too involving doors. Can never be too careful.