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  1. GreycieMae's love interest

    I'm sitting there watching Survivor, minding my own dang business, and I look over and this is what I see. I'm not sure but I think somebirdy has stolen my girl. HUEY!!!
  2. wings

    This is what we did to keep our birds from flying into the windows in their aviary, including our 12ft double sliding glass door. 1 - hung wide gift wrap ribbons hanging loosely so they move when there is air movement nearby 2- Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray paint and some stencils to paint some designs on the windows It's been 5 months and they clearly know where their bounds are now so I'm going to remove it all soon.
  3. wings

    If you have the safety precautions in place to allow Rosie to fly, flying is best for them. - no or slow ceiling fans - toilet seats down - nothing she can get into which goes for non-flying birds too - make sure she knows where mirrors and windows are - it helps to put something on them till they learn their bounds - exit routes must be protected at ALL times Your biggest issue will be making sure you don't lose her out one of your doors. It's happened to a lot of us, myself included. I have several safety measures in place to ensure my risk is as low as possible.
  4. Need tips and tricks!

    Her life was a short but she obviously knew love. Fly high lil birdy.
  5. Re-homed female CAG.

    This is what I would try: Since she likes walking about on the counter, put a few sunflower seeds in a little pile for her to find and eat (I'm assuming she loves sunflower seeds - use something she really likes). Several days in a row I'd do this to get her looking forward to the treat. Then I'd start offering them to her one-by-one from your hand and eventually I'd start putting my arm in the way and giving her the choice of stepping up to get the treat. Someone else might have a better method.
  6. The way that my parrot responses to me

    My advice would be to wear earplugs and act like that behavior doesn't startle/bother you. Act normally around the grey until they accept your routine around them.
  7. Extreme Violent Senegal Parrot

    You might talk to your vet about trying Haloperidol. I have a bird that is on it. I hate using meds on birds but with my guy, if I don't use it, he'll tear his feet up enough that he'll get infections and eventually it will kill him. We've also considered trying a prozac type med too but decided against it since what we use now is working.
  8. Recipe Assessment

    Sometimes I wonder about these lists, especially when they say milk is bad. When we got Huey, his former Daddy told us to mix his medicine (some anti-anxiety med that stops him from butchering his feet) in a tablespoon of milk. I said 'Milk'? I told him that we are always told milk is bad. He told me that his avian vet told him to use milk and he's been using it FOR TEN YEARS. Huey doesn't show any signs of damage to me. However, I have switched to using almond milk as I still can't seem to bring myself to keep feeding him milk.
  9. Recipe Assessment

    Sounds very much like a broth to me. With no added salt I'd let them have at it!
  10. Brutus is acting weird

    Well, the Brutus kind of has a point: I was moping around and depressed until I got my Grey. Hard to be depressed when you have a Grey!
  11. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    I may have to send my neighbor flowers after reading this. She was worried she wouldn't get to see my birds anymore once I built the new house-attached aviary.
  12. Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    What happened here? Neighbor still being a turd? Birdy's getting to use the aviary now?
  13. Would You Like To Experience Handfeeding?

    I'm still hand-feeding....five years later. We're not real sure when she'll be weaned
  14. Brutus is acting weird

    This sounds like the exact behavior we get from our Caique - Toby. He likes some people and then 'small' people are on his shit list and marked for destruction. Toby will fly at them with full fury and evil in his eyes. I'm not sure if this behavior is prevalent in Greys but it's sure what it sounds like. Greycie exhibits a similar behavior towards Toby because she cant stand him. Fly straight at him and try her best to knock him off his perch or grab him and beat the feathers off of him. It would be nice if you could possibly get a video of the behavior. How to curb the behavior and allow Brutus to begin to accept the the son is beyond me. I would definitely be grooming the son not to take it personally and to see if there is some way he can interact with Brutus safely outside the bubble of Brutus' favorite flock mates. If the son starts to resent Brutus you've got bigger problems.
  15. I moved his cage

    Your English is better than some of our natives.