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  1. SRSeedBurners

    Introducing Cosmo to new perch

    It's so cute when my GreycieMae reverts back to her wild roots and lets out with the African Grey growly-growly. Every summer I have to put a bamboo shade on top of their outdoor aviary to provide some shade. She absolutely hates it and really lets the neighborhood know it.
  2. SRSeedBurners

    Need tips and tricks!

    He is cute. Those lil TAGs always look so cute. Love those baby eyes.
  3. SRSeedBurners

    Will this cage be fine

    Our typical breakfast: Cookables that I mentioned on the left in the glass casserole dish, sprouts on the right. Those are the base mix that I use daily. On the chopping board is whatever I have fresh available - today's cuisine: - Pink Lady apple - banana - brocolli - sweet potatoe - jalapeno (greycie loves her jalapenos) Customer approved!
  4. SRSeedBurners

    Accident at the house today

    Well, it's a good thing I got that head back on. I'd sure miss my evening sweet sweetums....
  5. SRSeedBurners

    Under the wings

    That definitely looks like some over-preening there. I wouldn't worry about it though. GreycieMae barbers her tail and wing feathers. It used to annoy me but I figure once they get into a naughty habit it's just like us biting our nails or some other habit. I'll get a pic of her barbering when I get a chance.
  6. SRSeedBurners

    Birds on Social Media

    I don't have one, but I do participate in a couple - mostly Felix on Facebook. I feel like I'm actually talking to that silly birdy. I also participate in Einstein the Texas Talking parrot's page.
  7. SRSeedBurners

    Accident at the house today

    So we rough-n-tumble this morning like we always do, GreycieMae loves a good wrestle. Later on I was just laying there with her on my knee and noticed she was missing something... So just like when I lose my keys, or my marbles, I go back to the last place I saw them....the wrestling blankey. Oh, looky at what I found! So I break out the needle and thread, super glues and some duck tape and she's good as new!
  8. SRSeedBurners

    Under the wings

    GreycieMae does weird requests! Second photo came out a little blurry... Huey looks nearly identical to her.
  9. SRSeedBurners

    Will this cage be fine

    My main go to is a combination of 'Volkman Seed Featherglow Fancy Soak & Simmer' and 'Volkman Birdeez Buffet / 15 Minute Soak & Serve'. I cook a 3 day supply of those two and I also add sprouts to the mix. Then I add whatever is around: banana, jalapenos, leafy lettuce. They go wild over it every morning.
  10. SRSeedBurners

    Will this cage be fine

    Cage looks awesome. I feed a mix of Harrison's lifetime or high potency (my birds are very active in aviaries all day), Zupreme Naturals and Tropican Lifetime pellets - all mixed together. I buy all the pellets in the same size as the Harrison's 'fine' size. We found that with the larger pellets, when they crack them, the pellets go flying in all directions and there was a ton of waste. In addition to limit waste I also use a Seed Corral which really helps. They're not as prone to carry a pellet out of the feeder when they are nibble sized too. Also, keep your pellets in the freezer, they last a long time that way. Pellets are a very small portion of our birds diet though. We mainly feed cookables which I supplement with whatever fresh/frozen chopped up veggies daily.
  11. SRSeedBurners

    Will this cage be fine

    That's the exact same cage I have (I have two of them), and as you've observed A LOT of people have that cage. It's plenty big enough, you'll just need to fill it with toys!
  12. SRSeedBurners

    Only a Grey

    Nope, we were in Home Depot one day and a dark green (I was in the Marines) guy came up with two light green co-workers. Greycie had nearly the same reaction as Talon describes. Wouldn't let him near her but clearly let the other two bozos pet her. I immediately played it off and told the guy "it's your voice" when I clearly knew she was reacting to something she's not seen before. Lucky for me the guy had a deep voice I used as an excuse. I'm sure the flip would be true as Grey's not very keen on something they've never seen before.
  13. SRSeedBurners

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Huey used to be nervous outside of his cage. Unfortunately (not really!) for him, we're a cage-less house except for nighty-night time and he just had to deal with it. It didn't take him but a few months till he was flying around and acting like the place was his - particularly his swingy rope in the kitchen where he now commands his ship, orders the chef around etc... Huey tends to bite, usually only me as he prefers the ladies, when I try to put him on his rope perches. He'll step up and immediately take a swipe a my hand. He's got me a few times at the base of the thumb and ripped me open good. He's super naughty that way. I quickly learned to make him step up to the rope, never step back, because then his rope is between him and my hand. I can pull down and back and he can't get me although he's learned to hang onto me with one foot and can still get me occasionally. We've had him 9 months now and I'm just now getting to the point where he will let me pet him down the back (he doesn't take it as sexual with me at least) and give him a kiss on the beak and give him a hug. 9 long months!
  14. SRSeedBurners

    Is this Normal?

    Not sure where in the world you are located but my female Grey has just started losing feathers in bulk. I guess she's molting as she's not a plucker. We have full feathers all over the place suddenly like what's in your photo.
  15. SRSeedBurners

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Any updates on this guy? He reminds me of Huey, looks just like him in the photo above. Huey has trust issues too but he's figured out how to get his hoomans to be at his beck (peck?) and call 😂