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  1. SRSeedBurners

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Well, check the other thread, the timing couldn't be more perfect: Possible rescue situation
  2. SRSeedBurners

    We could be rescuing a grey today

    Wow, I hope your son is able to get hold of the poor thing.
  3. SRSeedBurners

    Should I Get A Buddy for Issac?

    Welcome back Elvenking! I am 100% for you getting another Grey. Search through my threads and read about our Huey. He was brought to us on Dec 1 to stay here for 7 days. His owner decided that his bird was a hell of a lot better off with another bird of his own kind after watching how he interacts with our GreycieMae. So Huey's Daddy asked if we wouldn't mind keeping Huey. His Daddy still comes over every couple of weeks to visit Huey but absolutely does not want to take him back home to lock him up in a cage to be by himself all day. I thought it would add more strain to bring in another Grey but it actually made things easier because I can now put GreycieMae in the aviary/birdroom etc with a buddy. They get along pretty well even though they have their little stabby fights every now and then. Since Huey is another Grey, he has no problems handling Greycie. We have to keep her separate from our other birds which are all smaller as she can hurt and kill them. However with Huey, he has no problems putting her in her place. He's BOSS birdy! GreycieMae on the left. Sir Huey on the right.
  4. SRSeedBurners

    Getting an African Grey?..

    I think like human kids, they are able to adapt to these kinds of situations when they are younger. However they do adapt well to a change in homes when properly cared for. We're convinced our Huey thinks he hit the jackpot. He's really busted out of his shell with us. If you can give the Grey lots of love and attention, I don't think you can go wrong. They do require a lot of 'work' that some people are not used to. They are more than just 'feeding the dog' twice a day. Mental stimulation and cleaning up after them is more involved but they are very worth it.
  5. SRSeedBurners

    Introducing Greys...

    We introduced them within an hour of his arrival. These are photos of that moment. She's the one taking pot shots, and making the threatening head moves. I know my Grey and I am easily able to stop her in her tracks if things got out of control. He never showed any fear of her. They both can easily avoid the little jabs they both make. It's mostly just posturing. Just remember, they're the same size and know how to deal with their own kind. I have to be careful with her around our others because she has nearly killed our Caique twice. Also know that she is cage aggressive too and I would not let him walk on top of her cage (my birds are rarely caged except night time). They can remove a toe. Also, he took a couple of months to learn to fly. He could only crash land when we brought him home. The biggest problem he has with her now, is she steals his food from his foot when he's holding something tasty. 😂
  6. SRSeedBurners

    Introducing Greys...

    I have a near 6 year old female Grey that we've had since 4 months old. She has always been the big bully in our house as she's easily 3x as big as any other bird we have (500 grams). Back in December we were asked to take in another Grey which is a 21 year old male. He does not weigh as much as our female but he has no problem stamping his authority all over our girl. We introduced them on night 1. I don't follow any rules or bull crap, I just go by the seat of my pants. Greycie, the female, tried to exert herself on him but we all quickly saw that she was no match for a much wiser older Grey. For a few weeks we would at least be in the same room but I found that the male easily had her under control and she wasn't going to beat the feathers off of him. They got into little stabby fights a lot but that has diminished greatly. She was never able to hurt him. He's not aggressive. I can now leave them completely unattended all day long and have caught them trying to mate, feeding each other playing together etc. They still get into the occasionally little stabbies but it's all harmless. The stabby fights concerned me a little, only because I was wondering if it's normal. I emailed a former member here who I know had two Greys that were bonded and also talked to the owner of one of the big bird sanctuaries. Both told me the little stabby fights are quite normal even with tightly bonded Greys. So I have no concerns over it. That's what worked for us.
  7. SRSeedBurners

    Clearing Peanut's nares

    It's because you added one extra space after the youtube link. The same link, which I grabbed from your post - with no added space at the end:
  8. SRSeedBurners

    Does your grey curse?

    Our Huey uses the F-bomb. It's almost always when he bites at you and makes contact, then he'll immediately say the F-bomb. I suppose it's from a previous owner that got bit and used the F-bomb.
  9. SRSeedBurners

    Alfie's Aviary

    Alfie likes to crawl the wire like GreycieMae. I'll bet he was totally pooped after coming in from a day in that aviary!
  10. SRSeedBurners

    Uploading video

    The easiest thing to do is upload to youtube and then link it here. Just by dropping the link here it will insert the video preview, it's seamless and is just as good or better than posting directly to the forum. The old software was a steaming pile when it came to posting a video and I briefly tried to upload a video when the new software came along. When that didn't work, I just stayed with the youtube. Plus I have all my videos in one place: youtube instead of all over the damn net in different forums.
  11. SRSeedBurners

    Time for scritches!

    I love Greys, they're so cuddly (GreycieMae), except when they're not! (Huey)
  12. SRSeedBurners

    Small Chip Towards the Tip of Beak

    If you're talking about the missing part on the very tip, that's definitely not an issue. I will regularly dremel my problem birds past that point on their beaks safely, including one of my Greys. If my Greys beak was that overgrown, I will dremel it but I'm not advising you to do the same. You have to know what you're doing.
  13. SRSeedBurners

    Outdoor aviary is in progress!

    That's a damn shame. I'm glad I don't have neighbors like that. I was down at the barn and all of mine were in full chorus....I could hear their racket clear down there. Our new neighbors told me my guineas were roosting on their roof. I said, yeah, guineas do that. I argued with the City of Allen not to let them build 10 ft from our barn. So sorry (not).
  14. SRSeedBurners

    New member on board!!

    The more you describe Smokey, the more I think you have our Huey's identical twin, brother from another mother haahaa... Regarding the flying issue: that's exactly what Huey did. Low, flap, then leap and crash land. It took him about two months and he started actually flying. We coaxed him A LOT to come in the kitchen from the living room. He also saw our other Grey, GreycieMae, fly into the kitchen constantly and he couldn't stand being left so he practiced a lot. I spent about two months bolting from my current position to try and catch Huey so he didn't hurt himself. He had way too many crash landings for my liking and we're lucky he never broke a wing or something else. He's well past that point now and can fly and land pretty good. He's not graceful and sometimes will screw up a landing but I don't have to chase around and give him a safe arm to land on anymore.
  15. SRSeedBurners

    New member on board!!

    I agree. Not even a dog can do what a Grey can do. I think it really has something to do with the ability to cross the communication boundary with us. For example just today Huey saw me sitting in the bedroom from his position in the aviary just outside our window. Next thing I know he's pacing the window sill saying "C'mere, C'mere, shower? Shower? Marietta..." Marietta is my wife, she's his favorite. I'm not sure he knew who was in there, he could just tell someone was. Yesterday he was calling me into the kitchen to get him some cheerios. They're like having a kid around.