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  1. New Rugs

    Thanks everyone. I would consider area rugs but at age 70 I don't think they would be safe. I also worry about slipping on tile or wood. Never easy!
  2. New Rugs

    Hi everyone. I am starting to look for new wall to wall carpet for my living room. In the past I have heard that some new carpet gives off chemicals that harm or kill our parrots. Also I read that if you unroll the carpet for a few days that the chemicals will air out of the rug. Problem there - how do you know if the store really unrolls it or not? Does anyone have any recommendations?
  3. Never mind the question. I just found them.

  4. Nancy, just read one of your threads that you are from Webster. I was born and raised in Rochester. My brother and family live in Webster still. We will be going there over Mother's Day weekend.

    How do I find your pictures?

  5. I think the last post in the thread about Teflon coated cookware needs to be looked at. It seems to be about starting a business.