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  1. I never could get the 2nd video to post. THIS is the post I am talking about. I guess no one else has had any comment.
  2. Jayd, now I am more confused. I did attempt to post the video just before this one, but asked to have that deleted the same day. So, what other post?
  3. I did finally do that. The first video came through fine, but the 2nd one would not load for love nor money. But the first one is in the Health room.
  4. Part 2 https://youtu.be/wlj5e0WLvyM
  5. I have tried to upload a video three times and it always gives me the 'there was a problem'. I have uploaded the same video to Facebook with no problems other than the length of time it took to upload. Can someone please tell me what to do so you can see the video. Thanks
  6. There is PEAC near Cleveland. Parrot Education and Adoption Center. They have a facebook page if you want to check them out. They have been around longer than I have had Peanut. The fb page says they are in Cal. but when I google them, they still show up in Cleveland. I have no idea what is going on.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. The two of them will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
  8. Welcome Daved and Pumkin. My TAG, Peanut is about the same age. Or sometimes as he is better known as Brat Bird! LOL
  9. Thank you Acappella. Greywings, no, opening it at the warehouse wouldn't have been a perfect solution. My understanding is that the carpet all rolled up retains a lot of the gasses. Then opening it up, even with other rugs near it, would allow the rug to 'breathe'. May I ask what is a 'production' company? Who would I call? I would have no problem getting a slightly used rug. The problem would be getting it installed. I imagine I could find someone to do it, right? Can you tell I am not very good at handling this type of thing? LOL Thanks for all the answers - they really have helped me.
  10. well carpet shopping didn't go as well as I had hoped. Actually, in some ways just as I expected. Rite Rug would have been my choice. They had the most co-operative people. They would have laid the carpet out in their warehouse for a week before coming to install it. They had the best looking carpet too! Problem - they cost more than twice as much. The next place had green plus carpets, though not as nice a selection. They will NOT lay out the carpet. They will NOT install it after we laid it out somewhere. So, the best solution we have come up with. Wait until Spring. Move Peanut out of the house for at least a week. Install the carpet, have the carpet cleaned (just steam), open the windows and put a few fans on it. Not perfect, but the best we can do. O, the floors were twice as much as carpet. I am not paying for this, so can not go there.
  11. Thanks everyone. I would consider area rugs but at age 70 I don't think they would be safe. I also worry about slipping on tile or wood. Never easy!
  12. Hi everyone. I am starting to look for new wall to wall carpet for my living room. In the past I have heard that some new carpet gives off chemicals that harm or kill our parrots. Also I read that if you unroll the carpet for a few days that the chemicals will air out of the rug. Problem there - how do you know if the store really unrolls it or not? Does anyone have any recommendations?
  13. Yep, it was the house. Please - someone else start the next one!
  14. I loved my Conure's voice. He was loud only twice a day usually. The only time it bothered me at all was when he let one go while sitting on my shoulder. Can you say deaf for a few minutes! LOL Acappella, I hope Dorian learns fast not to scream so loud.
  15. A belated Happy Birthday. May birthdays are the best!!
  16. Brat Birds

    The Return

    I, long ago, trained my two to go back into their cages on command. This took some time, but was well worth it. Now when someone comes unexpectedly, I can tell them cage and they will go in. Of course they get an almond for their troubles! LOL And of course now it is just Peanut.
  17. Peanut came to me with one of the worst clips ever!! I think that is one of the reasons he barbers his wing feathers. But, I let them grow in. It took over a year, so at least two molts, maybe three. He finally started to fly. After a few months he got his air wings and has done beautifully ever since. I live in a small house and he zips around here like nobodies business.
  18. Love the stories. My daughter and I went to a local bird fair which was featuring a presentation from a Cleveland rescue group. They were bringing along a few birds from the rescue so that people could get a feel for what was available. I wanted to go through them t adopt a TOO. Well there was also a breeder there and he had a baby grey. My daughter always wanted a grey so we went to see it. It had a runny nose, but we were assured that there was nothing serious wrong. So, out came the check book. AFTER the check had changed hands I was told he was still on hand feedings. we took him to the vet the next day - he had three different infections. So, in two days I learned how to hand feed and give a bird shots! But, love bloomed and he is almost 11 (I think). I will have to look that up! LOL
  19. No Greywings it was actually gray or silver. so, I gave you a hint - you know I did have a Gremlin. Which of the other two is not true???
  20. Sorry Judy, I did have polio. It is my sister that has 12 grandchildren - I only have one! You can not swim like a fish. My first car was a Gremlin. I gave birth to my daughter at home I didn't own a house until I was almost 50 years old
  21. Neoow, please take a deep breath and remember accidents happen. They are not anyone fault. I do think some of the others are right. You really don't know for sure if the injury happened before you came home.
  22. Love reading about what all your babies say. Must admit I do get a bit envious though. I love the way Peanut will bob his head when he wants me to sing. This is new because when Skittles was alive he hated me to sing and wouldn't let me.
  23. luvparrots - you have not been in all 50 states I have 12 grandchildren I had polio when I was a child I had a puppy named Half and Half
  24. luvparrots, you have not been married 4 times.
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