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  1. He is only 5 give or take a few months.
  2. Under normal circumstances, all the posted advice is applicable, but nothing has changed, this just started abruptly. Nothing has changed in the last year and a half. I dunno. Will wait it out, cant last forever.
  3. KevinD

    I want to apologize

    I know a new format can be shocking, and sometimes I take things personal. I should have not taken them personal, but understood that it would be hard on everyone. I know new things are hard to except, and I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. But the truth of the mater was change or die. My father passed this week, and I got a new perspective on things. Sometimes it is not being right, but doing what needs to be done and helping people through the change. We are creatures of habits, same as our Grey's, and sometimes you need to have compassion and understanding. To those of you that were upset, I am truly sorry. But as Grey's do, slowly you will adapt. I didn't do these things for fun, they just needed to be done. K
  4. Would it surprise you my degree is in Emergency Medical sciences, but I cant sing worth a shit LOL, well my wife thinks so. I just got sucked into computer's while being bored on an offshore rig as a Paramedic. Would it also surprise you that the ability in psychiatric training could sometimes mean the difference between life and death? You have to size up a human being in milliseconds and decide if they will kill you or they can talk them down. Much more difficult then coding, With coding you can go back and correct it, life and death, no going back.
  5. Kitty, there is no more important or no less important things we do or know. God gave us all individual skills and specialties. Just because one seems more complicated then other's, is because that is not our skill. I do not know what your skill is, but I'm quite sure you do it better then I.
  6. KevinD

    Rescue Grey wanted

    No feed back LOL, so maybe someone can give me an opinion. Is this a reputable organization? Is there anyway to tell? There is no phone number or I cant find one. He is willing to drive from Ohio to visit and possibly rescue him. http://www.lonelygreyrescue.org/asite/Adoptables.html links to https://www.petfinder.com/bird/bingo-36400175/nj/woodbridge/lonely-grey-rescue-nj775/
  7. Interesting, because it works the same way with DOD contractors. My brother, who worked for the same contractor as I did worked in testing and implementation has worked from his home for 15 years. Me, they put on a flight to the first place God never meant anyone to live LOL. Although In the defense and intelligence areas, I can see where picking apart a blown up hard drive is time sensitive. They however have moved on to SSD drives (Far easier to extract info from platters) and new encryption levels, and the technology increases exponentially, it is hard to keep up with it. If I were a betting man after another 1 or 2 years Edward Snowden won't be worth going after, because everything he knows will be out of date. This is purely speculation and not classified. (I hate having to qualify everything lol) But with what is going on in the business so to speak, better safe than sorry.
  8. Well Ill tell you. I was not expecting any CSS help, apparently you have untapped talent (SRS) I just threw the sheet out there out of pure frustration. SRS pointed me in the right direction, and after finding the way this software works, found the issue. I just don't like designing sites, I like to keep the databases and servers working, along with the networking systems themselves, data forensics that's what we did over seas, they really didn't care what things look like, just the raw data and intelligence. You will find that a great many things depend on what you need, or what you think you need. As far as beating the the thing to death, sometimes that's what it came down to, your team depends on you. It carried over I guess, I don't like to lose. I suggest you may have other untapped skills and resources at your disposal, maybe you can avail yourselves of them. Sometimes they just don't like to come out and say what they can do. I don't mean just computers, but other untapped human resources of your members. Maybe with some thought, you can increase traffic, and Help The Grey's more. Just to throw things out, maybe a non profit organization for Grey's the very thing this site is based upon. Maybe a group to lobby Congress for the plight of the Grey's. I know everyone is busy with their lives, just trying to get by. Just a thought..........I'm just a former DOD contractor and IT guy. Im good at what I do. What are you guys good at doing? I Know what SRS is good at lol
  9. KevinD

    Rescue Grey wanted

    Well perhaps the location is a problem, the only way I know to rescue a grey is to go to a place no one would go. Perhaps maybe some advise on how to do it. I googled the subject but there seems to be some conflicting information. Any thoughts?
  10. KevinD

    Rescue Grey wanted

    Guys I have a friend North Ohio in search of a rescue grey, We recently visited him with Sukei and he fell in love with him. He has a three story house, with plenty of room, and patience. He is home all the time, and can spend the time needed to rehab one. Thanks
  11. Thanks SRSeedBurners incase you were wondering, there were two competing sheets, they both had to be changed, and synced.
  12. I changed it myself the same way, but when you alter the sheet, it doesn't work, There must be an overriding sheet, im looking for it, but so far, I cant find it. Thats why I hate CSS lol
  13. I apologize, im sort of snowed in, ill take care of it when I get back
  14. KevinD

    Title Fight

    I often think of Sukie , like boxing match, we just completed round 1 through 6. Were still standing, thanks to alot of the advice I got here. NOW it's time to finish the fight. You guys will probably giggle when I tell, you, but I got an idea from thanksgiving, and the Turkey Pardon. I figure my Department Of Defense Clearance should be worth more then just working for the very entity that has caused this much pain in the A&* So I used some of my contacts, and have an open dialog with the White House. Probably not worth the paper it is written on, however, will make a GREAT conversation piece. Ill probably have to do the high dollar lawyer route to get this finished. NOW that got me thinking, are there any Grey issues you guys have that you want to get into the public light? No need to waste a good chance, and some possible free news coverage, if it goes that far. Also understand, Im not doing this because I want to, but because I am forced to. The more the merrier, if you guys have issues...