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  1. Sukie has settled into his new house, a REALLY big cage. He adapted a lot faster this time then in Kuwait. He doesn't bite as much and if he does, it isn't rip your skin off stuff, just a "Hey I'm here, pay attention to me" Im trying to get the skin thing straight, Im working on it, but it involves a third party vendor. Anyways, thats the deal. Hang in there folks, life isn't as bad as it seems sometimes.
  2. Just curious those of you that have your greys since they were born (Or shortly there after) Sukie's first words were "You Know What?" He hasn't said that in years, I was wondering if your grey forgot their first words. I guess they have to make room in their brains for everything else they say, Sukie is probably at 1200 words and sentences at this point, but I cant get him to say his first words. The story is funny because I was sitting in the living room back in the Middle East, and he said it. My wife's cousin was there with me, and when he said it, he
  3. You know, your right, even during the DB conversion I missed this one. Thats why Im a fan of not having too many forums and sub categories, but I didnt want to change what you had, just keep it going. I stand corrected. Thanks!
  4. Chat box is ok, but if you feel the need to cater to long winded soap box posts it doesn't work LOL, Yea off topic or similar
  5. Maybe we need to make one, just for general chat. I was just thinking as I heard from one of my friends still in the Middle East, (Have to leave the classified info out) but how lucky those of us that live in America are, all of us, black, white, yellow, brown, every color every creed are? Were so divided by political and petty differences that we individually think America SHOULD be, and we forget (Or never have seen) what it is like to live in some 3rd world country. Conditions that the average American could not even conceive of. Yet we squabble about our petty political diff
  6. I'm not going to advertise for anyone, but after the issues I've had with Sukei lately, I decided to try something, and even though I don't believe 99% of the crap I read about parrot additives on the internet, I decided what the hell, and ordered some feather "Enhancing powder" off Amazon. I swear after 48 hours he stopped picking his feathers, doesn't try and bite me as much and over all seems to be in a more calm state of mind (no more biting his toenails either) He doesn't seem as pissed off as usual. So without turning this into an advertisement thread, and please don't men
  7. You know I read an article, I cant remember from where, but it said Greys only bite in captivity. Not really sure how they tested the metrics on that or confirmed the findings, but at this point in my research is becoming painful LOL SO to all those folks it the the thread "The parrot bite me club" don't take it personal, I sense no malice on his part, and probably those it has happened to, there inst any malice. I'm going to give it a break for a while start again at the beginning later. It kinda makes you wonder, if the famous Einstein bird ever bit anyone, I im
  8. I got to thinking about it, right and wrong is an abstract construct that animals cant comprehend, you cant really be pissed over an action that an animal does because they cant understand the concept. They are conditioned by the carrot and the stick. They react only by what they know, one action gets them what they want, and one action takes away something they want. I digress
  9. The damage 24 hours later, we almost had parrot for lunch LOL (Just Kidding)
  10. Well, I was premature.......while playing pirate, he bit me in the eyeball LOL, and I'm surprised i'm not angry with him, bottom left lid, and now it looks like Rocky punched me in the eye....LOL, guess i'm lucky he didn't hit the Iris. Surprisingly, I am not angry with him, it was my fault letting my guard down prematurely. Back to the drawing board :) Anyone got some aspirin? :)
  11. I guess the war is over, which surprises me because it is spring time. Sukei rides on my shoulder again, lets me scratch his head. and when he does bite, its a tap, just an "Im here thing" I dont get it, but it is what it is. When we first rescued him as a tot in the middle east when he was strong enough to stand, I was the first one he would let ride him on my shoulder......we called it the pirate LOL. 8 or so years later, back to square one. I guess Ill never understand. Maybe thats how it is supposed to be. :)
  12. I've noticed this with Sukie before in the spring time, seems to get out of sorts, read some place they get horny in the spring. I don't know if this is true, but I do know this year it seems to be exacerbated. He just turned 8 years old. I find I have to sit down and talk to him in a quiet voice to get him to mellow out. Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?
  13. I just cleared the "Validating Requests" table after responding to and accepting the few folks that looked like they were legit. If you REALLY want to get in here, then send a note as described in the earlier posts. There were over 2500 pending, and I received two requests to be let in. Clean slate. AGAIN, I apologize,but you have spammers to thank for this tight policy.
  14. Its right at the top between chatbox and who is on line lol @Talon you have used it and posted videos
  15. You just posted the exact situation I have minus one Grey. LOL
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