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  1. I apologize, im sort of snowed in, ill take care of it when I get back
  2. Title Fight

    I often think of Sukie , like boxing match, we just completed round 1 through 6. Were still standing, thanks to alot of the advice I got here. NOW it's time to finish the fight. You guys will probably giggle when I tell, you, but I got an idea from thanksgiving, and the Turkey Pardon. I figure my Department Of Defense Clearance should be worth more then just working for the very entity that has caused this much pain in the A&* So I used some of my contacts, and have an open dialog with the White House. Probably not worth the paper it is written on, however, will make a GREAT conversation piece. Ill probably have to do the high dollar lawyer route to get this finished. NOW that got me thinking, are there any Grey issues you guys have that you want to get into the public light? No need to waste a good chance, and some possible free news coverage, if it goes that far. Also understand, Im not doing this because I want to, but because I am forced to. The more the merrier, if you guys have issues...
  3. Likes/thanks limited

    There might be, ill have to find it. I dont think its a bug. This software has very few to no issues, you just have to find the back end setting.
  4. My Thanksgiving Message

    Make no mistake, I know im new even after a few years, and ill have to earn yall's respect, but the site was dying and we just saved it. I wish there was a few computer guys here, I could share the code with, that was backed into this place and could understand it. Google understood it and marked the place. Now everything is HTTP encrypted, and is not at much risk as it was. Make no mistake, no mater how good you are, no matter how many security protocols you put in, your still at risk, however, its like car thieves, if the door is locked they move on to the next one. Soft targets. I hope the protocols we put in here will stop this kind of crap. But as I said, Im thankful for all of you for helping me get Sukei home. Ill be forever grateful.
  5. My Thanksgiving Message

    People sometimes think about what they don't have, but I submit to you, think on those things you do have. Friends, Family, Health and a myriad of things I could list here. As an example, I thank God I have sight, and hearing and just the ability to walk around as a normal human everyday. Be thankful for what everyone takes for granted. The place I returned from, most folks don't have that luxury. Be Thankful for the time you have to spend with the folks that are alive and you still have the time to make amends, for one day you will not. But most of all give thanks to God for giving you one more day to do the right thing. I pray for the ones we lost, I hope their families can find a way to be thankful for there efforts in keeping everyone safe as can be. And most of all I am thankful for each and everyone of you for helping me get Sukei home.
  6. Sukei

    Test Album
  7. GreycieMae's Sunroom-Aviary

    I said it before, Ill say it again, that is dedication. Just WOW
  8. I think Sukei needs a friend

    LOL, never thought about dummy eggs, that is smart thinking. That's why I love this place, you just cant get that kind of information from Google. Sukei, is ok, he does not pluck, but he definitely has an African wild streak in him. He bites more than your average domesticated grey, but I have learned some tricks for that, and I don't take it personal. The way I got it figured is, If I was snatched from my home thrown in a box with 14 other people with no food or water, put on a ship and traveled for two weeks, and 10 of the 14 people died in transit, Id probably lash out now and then too. He was worth saving after all he had been through. Now, I want to change the narrative for him. He survived and has a decent home, just want to make things better for him. Thanks for the advice. Ill continue to research it.
  9. Sometimes it seems, he gets a bit lonely. Now that were home, and there are not the logistical issues, I was thinking about getting him a play mate. That being said, not sure if I should get him a girl friend.....there would be issues of Sukei Jr's running around all over, and not sure if another male would piss him off LOL. Any thoughts or advice? Also, take into account, he is a real African, I mean he came from Africa, not exactly domesticated