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  1. KevinD


    Judy, Thank You for your thoughts and response, I have been around here a while and thought about the cage aggression deal. No it isn't location specific, or person specific. Ill tell you what though, I used to do do a lot of diving, and shark meddling with the chain mail suits, and the sharks tried to take a few chops out of you, and decided it wasnt worth the effort and moved on. So I figured, I would employ the same logic, and it seems to have mitigated the problem. He is not trying to bite near as much anymore. He got his beak into those gloves a few times, and decided it wasn't worth the effort, and I imagine some pain on his part. He begrudgingly lets me change and clean his bowl and cage with no gloves on, but he does a head fake now and then LOL. But every night he says, Sukei loves Daddy and Momma good night
  2. KevinD


    Update, as I was siting here working on the site and making a few replies, Sukei is in the other room shouting, Sukei loves daddy, no more doo doo to daddy. Doo Doo is not poop, its Filipino for injury LOL, yes I have a bi lingual grey He said, please give me sweet kiss, Maybe the argument is over, or he is baiting me in for other chomp LOL Never gets boring around here. That is for sure.
  3. Just be glad he is not trying to make a neoow burger out of your fingers and hands....LOL Always remember, it could be worse, I'm starting to think after 8 years with Sukei, relationships have their ups and downs. There not like dogs and cats, did you know that parrots have a completely different chromosome structure then dogs and cats, and humans for that matter. They are unique in and of themselves. I think maybe its the fact they were never meant to be domesticated, they are free spirits that get fed up with our BS from time to time. Truth is, I wouldn't have taken Sukei on were it not for his imminent death. No I rather think they are much more suited to being in the wild, we just try to bend them to what we want, and sometimes they wont be bended. Not without a fight any ways In my case, you let them die, or try to give them a life...... I dunno, that is a question that will be debated for a long time. Relationships are strange, I have 4 kids in my family including me, and as children, we always had a bet, who would get married first. I came in 1st 3rd and 5th LOL, I'm no saint and don't pretend to be. These poor guys dont get a choice, free will is out the door. So I imagine sometimes, they act out with the only free will they can. I imagine he loves you, I would not take it personally. Next week, he may decide that you are better then the invention of sliced cheese Its the commitment we make, and they loose sight of it, or don't understand it. You will be ok I promise, all things pass.
  4. KevinD


    Well it's better then loosing a pound of flesh every time I go near the cage LOL. I dunno what has got into him. Its not chunks of my hands anymore He grabbed a hold this morning and I just looked at him and didn't flinch, he had clamp down on the left hand and wouldn't let go. I said is that all you got? I gave him the sponge bob square pants thing back. (His favorite show) I said "NOW who lives in the pineapple under the sea" I swear he said "No more crabby patties" Probably meant no more daddy patties. Has to get his pound of flesh elsewhere LOL
  5. KevinD


    This bird is killing me LOL, he worked over my right hand, permanent scars, now he is starting on the left hand. I was just replacing his water bowl, and BANG the left hand got it. So I got some gloves from amazon that will withstand a Falcon bite, I wear them when cleaning and changing bowls. The second I go to clean the cage or replace his water or food bowl, you know what he says? BullShit! What is that? Bullshit he cant take a chunk out of me? LMAO. I love him to death, but i'm not loosing flesh every time I'm trying to clean the cage or change a water bowl. So we got in a fight, I said no you bullshit, biting me, and he says "I call Bull Shit" I said on what? What do you call bullshit on? He said Sponge Bob Square Pants. LOL He has no fair sense of play as it seems to be a game for him. If he only knew what the Kuwaitis would of done to him, or probably the fact he would be dead. Or it cost $7000 dollars to keep his narrow butt alive, LOL I got a plan. I'm going to use the gloves every time and see what affect that has. We will see who calls bullshit last LOL. Place your bets LOL
  6. KevinD


    You know the funny thing, is they are so like us, and even though they have the ability to speak, its like most humans, a lot of times even though it appears they are listening, there not understanding and vice versa We don't hear what there trying to say either.
  7. KevinD


    You know, maybe you are right. When he was stuck in his cage with 8 other greys with a death sentence in the middle east. People would float by and say pull that one out of the cage, and some underpaid Kuwaiti would put on heavy leather gloves and reach in there until he found the requested bird. In his case it was easy, he was so sick he would fall to the bottom of the cage so weak, that's why we rescued him. But what doesn't make sense to me now is why almost 7 years later, the behavior seems to manifest itself. He never was this way before. It just been in the last 6 months. You might be on to something, I thank you for your response.
  8. KevinD


    Here is another question, I read the the occasional "The Parrot Bit Me Thing" but how do you stop a Biting parrot, bites everyone and everything. He will give you a sweet kiss on the bowed head, a light and gentle touch to anyone, but if you try and touch him, he will bite the shit out of anyone. Its not person specific. As long as he is doing the sweet kiss on the bowed head, its fine......but fingers are beef jerky, whats up with that? The bird is spoiled, gets bathes 1 time a day, gets 2 hours in direct sunlight, gets fresh vegetables and fruits, high dollar parrot food with vitamins and minerals, filtered water, toys peanuts and is only left alone 3 hours a day in the cage, and out the rest of the day. For those three hours he watches his favorite tv show spongebob square pants on a high def 4k tv He even sings, "Who lives in the pineapple under the sea" He talks likes no ones business, his cage is cleaned 3 times a day, but he just wants to bite. Any suggestions? Oh and he is a precision biter, nails me ever time in the same spot so many times I've got a scar now on my right hand above my thumb right in the web of my hand LOL I wish I was him, and he had to go to work LOL
  9. KevinD


    Id like to gather some thoughts why folks think websites like these are going away, beyond the obvious. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, ect, ect... Lives too busy, maybe old tech, maybe instant gratification? What is it that makes you visit traditional forums less then say 10 years before. Be honest, no one will bash you, really interested beyond the obvious. Thanks, Kevin
  10. KevinD

    I need help

    Sorry, been out of pocket with the new job, The whole idea of the modules is to have a collection point. Lets say today Greytness makes a post, uploads a video into that post. People see that post, and go, oh that is so cool, now fast forward a year, post is buried, video is buried. With the module, you can watch videos all in one place at any time BESIDES in just a post. AND you can use it to post your video to anywhere, an email to a friend, facebook (God forbid) or any where else, and its there in one place all the time without digging through posts of years gone by. Im trying to find the time to do a how to, but it works, and you cant hurt it, so try it, experiment with it, it works.......
  11. As long as it is not downloadable your fine. Do it on several other sites for years, never a problem.
  12. KevinD

    I need help

    Im doing everything I can, Its up to you guys now. ILL KEEP DEVELOPING THE MODULES, but in the end, its up to you.
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