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  1. KevinD

    I need help

    Sorry, been out of pocket with the new job, The whole idea of the modules is to have a collection point. Lets say today Greytness makes a post, uploads a video into that post. People see that post, and go, oh that is so cool, now fast forward a year, post is buried, video is buried. With the module, you can watch videos all in one place at any time BESIDES in just a post. AND you can use it to post your video to anywhere, an email to a friend, facebook (God forbid) or any where else, and its there in one place all the time without digging through posts of years gone by. Im trying to find the time to do a how to, but it works, and you cant hurt it, so try it, experiment with it, it works.......
  2. As long as it is not downloadable your fine. Do it on several other sites for years, never a problem.
  3. KevinD

    I need help

    Im doing everything I can, Its up to you guys now. ILL KEEP DEVELOPING THE MODULES, but in the end, its up to you.
  4. All of our fatheaded friends love music, next module is music upload, you can run it in the background while you read, or just doing house stuff. Sukei loves Music
  5. Probably posted before, but again in the module.
  6. Sukei 2 years old (Middle East)
  7. Well, we’re making changes, and I think a big one is allowing read only. It was thought that by forcing signup to read that might do it, but it had the opposite affect. Folks went right back down the road they know so well, Facebook lol. So being able to read again, and the new software being html friendly, we should get a lot more google hits about grey questions. Were going to keep at it as time allows. Thanks for being here.
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