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  1. It's kevin@maildeploy.com but please don't get carried away, I'm only out of pocket $70 a year now for the software license. Before it was nuts, so I gave the place a hair cut Thanks K
  2. Now that I got rid of the template and module charges, the software is $70 a year. As far as the hosting goes, I own the servers, and they would run anyways. If someone wants to contribute to the $70/Year, that's fine with me, but at this point it is no biggie.
  3. You can drag and drop photos into individual posts, or you can put them in the gallery for outside forum use.
  4. The only drawback to doing this, is he takes 3 months to stop singing happy birthday to Sukei LOL. No worries, Welcome.
  5. Haven't posted Sukie in a while. He turned 8 years old on 4/22 or as best as we can guess. We do the cake thing every year, he seems to like it. Seems like yesterday I pulled him from that nasty Middle East hell hole. Thanks to this place I was able to get him home. A lot of good advice here. No we don't let him eat the cake LOL.
  6. Thanks for reposting this, I'm sorry it got lost on the restore
  7. All, As no one here controls the domain name greyforums.net, and it could expire or be transferred or sold.... greyforums.org has been secured as a backup domain. Should one day we loose the domain for whatever reason, the site will be transferred to greyforums.org The domain will then be transferred to Taylon. I have no reason to believe the domain will go away, but I want you guys to always have the information stored here. After everything was repaired, I just got to thinking about it and want to have a back up plan. Backups are for emergenc
  8. My best shot at replicating the old theme, if you do not like it, go to the bottom of the page and click themes and then default. That will take you back to the software default theme. This one is free because I edited the default theme. It will also update with future releases automatically. If you have thoughts on color changes, let me know. It isn't set in stone, and can be altered fairly easily.
  9. Im trying to find a reasonably priced theme, I have no love of the default theme, but these guys are getting outrageous on the pricing. It is subscription based to boot. I am going to take a stab at designing a theme. Ill keep it hidden while working on it. If I can come up with something similar to what we had, and it looks decent, will give it a try.
  10. Well, I was able to salvage the gallery and get the update done with the default template. I'm paying the software, cant swing the extra modules. The other modules, could not be salvaged as they wanted a ton of money to upgrade them. Ill search for an up to date template that was similar to the other red one, and isn't too expensive. For now, the site functions. I also noted a bunch of folks that want to be validated, and I cant tell which ones are spammers and which are not. If you want to revisit opening up for registration and police the spam, let me know.
  11. I pushed this template as far as it can go. When I ran the update it crashed the site. As you can see there is a left over scar up top I apologize for data loss , especially the parrot bite me addition. (Please repost it) The designer of this template is gone, and I don't see her coming back. I can try and find something similar, or revert to the default IPS default theme. Any thoughts? Or just do it.
  12. Sukie has settled into his new house, a REALLY big cage. He adapted a lot faster this time then in Kuwait. He doesn't bite as much and if he does, it isn't rip your skin off stuff, just a "Hey I'm here, pay attention to me" Im trying to get the skin thing straight, Im working on it, but it involves a third party vendor. Anyways, thats the deal. Hang in there folks, life isn't as bad as it seems sometimes.
  13. Just curious those of you that have your greys since they were born (Or shortly there after) Sukie's first words were "You Know What?" He hasn't said that in years, I was wondering if your grey forgot their first words. I guess they have to make room in their brains for everything else they say, Sukie is probably at 1200 words and sentences at this point, but I cant get him to say his first words. The story is funny because I was sitting in the living room back in the Middle East, and he said it. My wife's cousin was there with me, and when he said it, he
  14. You know, your right, even during the DB conversion I missed this one. Thats why Im a fan of not having too many forums and sub categories, but I didnt want to change what you had, just keep it going. I stand corrected. Thanks!
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