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  1. Life is sometimes boring, and repetitive, and sometimes you might might be going through the motions. If you live each day as if it were your last, things might get interesting
  2. Thank You, got both, I appreciate it.
  3. It's kevin@maildeploy.com but please don't get carried away, I'm only out of pocket $70 a year now for the software license. Before it was nuts, so I gave the place a hair cut Thanks K
  4. Now that I got rid of the template and module charges, the software is $70 a year. As far as the hosting goes, I own the servers, and they would run anyways. If someone wants to contribute to the $70/Year, that's fine with me, but at this point it is no biggie.
  5. You can drag and drop photos into individual posts, or you can put them in the gallery for outside forum use.
  6. The only drawback to doing this, is he takes 3 months to stop singing happy birthday to Sukei LOL. No worries, Welcome.
  7. Haven't posted Sukie in a while. He turned 8 years old on 4/22 or as best as we can guess. We do the cake thing every year, he seems to like it. Seems like yesterday I pulled him from that nasty Middle East hell hole. Thanks to this place I was able to get him home. A lot of good advice here. No we don't let him eat the cake LOL.
  8. Thanks for reposting this, I'm sorry it got lost on the restore
  9. All, As no one here controls the domain name greyforums.net, and it could expire or be transferred or sold.... greyforums.org has been secured as a backup domain. Should one day we loose the domain for whatever reason, the site will be transferred to greyforums.org The domain will then be transferred to Taylon. I have no reason to believe the domain will go away, but I want you guys to always have the information stored here. After everything was repaired, I just got to thinking about it and want to have a back up plan. Backups are for emergencies only, so no worries. Just being safe.
  10. My best shot at replicating the old theme, if you do not like it, go to the bottom of the page and click themes and then default. That will take you back to the software default theme. This one is free because I edited the default theme. It will also update with future releases automatically. If you have thoughts on color changes, let me know. It isn't set in stone, and can be altered fairly easily.
  11. Im trying to find a reasonably priced theme, I have no love of the default theme, but these guys are getting outrageous on the pricing. It is subscription based to boot. I am going to take a stab at designing a theme. Ill keep it hidden while working on it. If I can come up with something similar to what we had, and it looks decent, will give it a try.
  12. Well, I was able to salvage the gallery and get the update done with the default template. I'm paying the software, cant swing the extra modules. The other modules, could not be salvaged as they wanted a ton of money to upgrade them. Ill search for an up to date template that was similar to the other red one, and isn't too expensive. For now, the site functions. I also noted a bunch of folks that want to be validated, and I cant tell which ones are spammers and which are not. If you want to revisit opening up for registration and police the spam, let me know. I generally only validate the ones that send an email and ask to be let in.
  13. I pushed this template as far as it can go. When I ran the update it crashed the site. As you can see there is a left over scar up top I apologize for data loss , especially the parrot bite me addition. (Please repost it) The designer of this template is gone, and I don't see her coming back. I can try and find something similar, or revert to the default IPS default theme. Any thoughts? Or just do it.
  14. Sukie has settled into his new house, a REALLY big cage. He adapted a lot faster this time then in Kuwait. He doesn't bite as much and if he does, it isn't rip your skin off stuff, just a "Hey I'm here, pay attention to me" Im trying to get the skin thing straight, Im working on it, but it involves a third party vendor. Anyways, thats the deal. Hang in there folks, life isn't as bad as it seems sometimes.
  15. Just curious those of you that have your greys since they were born (Or shortly there after) Sukie's first words were "You Know What?" He hasn't said that in years, I was wondering if your grey forgot their first words. I guess they have to make room in their brains for everything else they say, Sukie is probably at 1200 words and sentences at this point, but I cant get him to say his first words. The story is funny because I was sitting in the living room back in the Middle East, and he said it. My wife's cousin was there with me, and when he said it, her cousin said what? And I said what? He said you said "You know what?" And I said no I didn't and we blew it off, I continued to watch TV and he continued playing his video game. Then Sukei said it again LOUD, and we both looked up LMAO ,
  16. You know, your right, even during the DB conversion I missed this one. Thats why Im a fan of not having too many forums and sub categories, but I didnt want to change what you had, just keep it going. I stand corrected. Thanks!
  17. Chat box is ok, but if you feel the need to cater to long winded soap box posts it doesn't work LOL, Yea off topic or similar
  18. Maybe we need to make one, just for general chat. I was just thinking as I heard from one of my friends still in the Middle East, (Have to leave the classified info out) but how lucky those of us that live in America are, all of us, black, white, yellow, brown, every color every creed are? Were so divided by political and petty differences that we individually think America SHOULD be, and we forget (Or never have seen) what it is like to live in some 3rd world country. Conditions that the average American could not even conceive of. Yet we squabble about our petty political differences. I can assure you that you do not ever want to see it, let alone know how the government operates, or the conditions under what you would live in a third world country, and how much is taken for granted. I just want to say, that whatever God you believe in, or not believe in, know that you still live in the most blessed country in the world if not by God, then by chance should you be an atheist, and a lot of people gave their lives in pursuit of keeping it that way. So the next time a discussion is had about all the terrible things going on here, remember this. You STILL live in the most blessed country in the world, and not to let petty differences in opinions divide you. We are ALL Americans, Not Irish Americans, Not Italian Americans, Not African Americans, ect....ect, but ALL one thing, AMERICANS, and if you doubt me, I've seen blood from everyone, and it is ALL red. There is one fact that applies to everyone and everything through out the history of every civilization, and it applies to humans and animals and Grey's too, United in a group we survive, and alone we fall. Maybe we are doomed to make the same mistakes of the Roman Empire and the like, but if enough people learn from the mistakes of the past, maybe, we have a chance. I use the Roman empire as an example only because how long it lasted but it fell, divided, and we as a country are like 3 years old compared to that dynasty. Just pay it forward, and do something different, maybe we can make it, maybe we cant, the children ARE the future, teach them REAL history, what really happened in the past, not some jaded college professor's version of it. The generations before us gave us an example to follow. Are we smart enough to learn from it? Are we smart enough to know that everything bad being argued about is about things that were done by people long in the grave? Use the good things instead of the bad things? I just don't know. There is verse in the bible, I don't think anyone can argue with if your being honest about it with yourself. "For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief." Just my thought for the weekend.
  19. I'm not going to advertise for anyone, but after the issues I've had with Sukei lately, I decided to try something, and even though I don't believe 99% of the crap I read about parrot additives on the internet, I decided what the hell, and ordered some feather "Enhancing powder" off Amazon. I swear after 48 hours he stopped picking his feathers, doesn't try and bite me as much and over all seems to be in a more calm state of mind (no more biting his toenails either) He doesn't seem as pissed off as usual. So without turning this into an advertisement thread, and please don't mention specific products, have you guys ever bought anything "Claiming to calm Parrots" and get them to stop picking at themselves? I figured I just wasted some money but had nothing to loose. He was really making me think, there is something else I can do. I took Spring time into the thought process as a lot grays seem to loose their minds in spring with the horny deal, but he started to act up in mid winter. I just cant explain the change in him, and it's not just my perception of the situation, but the folks that interact with him, that have no Idea I changed anything I was doing. Also keeping in mind he is an African grey, as in, he came from Africa and not domestically bred, and I dont know if that has anything to do with it, but tried to consider all the variables. Anyways just curious as to anyone that tried something like this with supplements and your experiences. Keep in mind this is not a Parrot on a sunflower seed diet, he gets the high dollar nutritional feed, fresh fruits and vegetables and everything the experts recommend, and then some, apples, grapes, oranges, lettuce, corn, he eats more healthy stuff then I do. LOL
  20. You know I read an article, I cant remember from where, but it said Greys only bite in captivity. Not really sure how they tested the metrics on that or confirmed the findings, but at this point in my research is becoming painful LOL SO to all those folks it the the thread "The parrot bite me club" don't take it personal, I sense no malice on his part, and probably those it has happened to, there inst any malice. I'm going to give it a break for a while start again at the beginning later. It kinda makes you wonder, if the famous Einstein bird ever bit anyone, I imagine if he did, they wouldn't say, bust up his reputation LOL.
  21. I got to thinking about it, right and wrong is an abstract construct that animals cant comprehend, you cant really be pissed over an action that an animal does because they cant understand the concept. They are conditioned by the carrot and the stick. They react only by what they know, one action gets them what they want, and one action takes away something they want. I digress
  22. The damage 24 hours later, we almost had parrot for lunch LOL (Just Kidding)
  23. Well, I was premature.......while playing pirate, he bit me in the eyeball LOL, and I'm surprised i'm not angry with him, bottom left lid, and now it looks like Rocky punched me in the eye....LOL, guess i'm lucky he didn't hit the Iris. Surprisingly, I am not angry with him, it was my fault letting my guard down prematurely. Back to the drawing board :) Anyone got some aspirin? :)
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