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Found 14 results

  1. Oh hi guys, I’m new to the site and I’ve had my African grey for about 11 years now and I’ve seen him quite recently regurgitating a lot, he holds onto his legs with his mouth and regurgitates. He regurgitates nearly everything, ( including seeds and vegetables ).
  2. Erfan


    Hello guys , I’m going to change his cage and i wonder how i can convince my parrot to go to his new cage ? Because right now his cage is his home and ofc he is still wild , doesn’t let me to be close to him so that i put him there , so any tip guys ??
  3. Hello guys, is appearance important to grey parrots? i mean , should I always wear same clothes or with same color everyday or same hairstyle ??
  4. Hello guys It’s been 2months and 17 days i guess and that’s how my parrot behaves : what do you think guys? P.S : i asked a vet and he told me you can’t tame him to be a pet because he’s completely wild and might have been abused in the past .
  5. Greetings guys My question : 1. Now i can be close to his cage but I should lie down next to his cage and then it seems he likes it when ever i do that he puffs up and start playing with his toy or eating food and preening , but when i stand up he screams:/ he He lowers his neck and cautiously looks at me . I try to increase the height of his cage but still I don’t see any differences , and by the way, I returned him to my room again he didn’t like the living room When i put his cage in my room again it seemed he was very thrilled 😁, he was very relaxed and fluffed up his feathers . P.S : i heard if my parrot puffs up for a long time he is sick , but how long exactly?
  6. Hello guys. I have some question . Why is my parrot so aggressive in the morning ? and whistles a lot i guess he’s calling his flock but why aggressively? Why does my parrot tremble his feather in his chest whenever i talk to him?
  7. Hello guys , it’s been 31 days i guess , and this i my Parrot’s behavior I can’t clean his cage properly , when he’s reacting like this. What do you think guys ? And since he was afraid of his toy , i put him far away somewhere he can see it , and i put it closer and closer everyday , until he gets use to it .
  8. Hello guys , today I cleaned hin cage and he was pretty nervous and now he is exactly like his first day Someone suggested me to put him in a crowded place of my house so that he feels that we are his flock. What do you think🤔 guys ? Help me plz (He is in my room)
  9. Hello everyone 👋 I’ve just moved his cage and now he is in living room ( he was in my room ) , can you guys tell me whether his new place is good or not ? P.S : Since I couldn’t upload the image here I think there’s a problem with forum so I uploaded it somewhere else here is the link : https://ibb.co/jUQM07
  10. Hello guys. Today I attempted to install toy in his cage, after i did it , Omg 😮 he was frightened , as if the toy was a predator , I thought it’s because of me , so i stayed way and ignored him for 5 minuets , and I realized it was because of the toy , and when i saw him frightened and squeezed himself at one side the cage actually i could fell tears in my eyes and wanted to cry . although I’m not a girl but ... . I just love birds and I want them to have a perfect life i have 3 budgies and 1 canary , and i gave them a room to live together freely with cages that are always open , but I’m really worried about my parrot :((( any suggestion guys ? And the toy isn’t colorful it’s plain and consists of : wood , rope and a small bell.
  11. Hello is it normal that he screams while whistling ? If it isn’t what causes this ? the film is attached to the post A2408BFD-7751-4E8E-9AEE-9591D2F721FF.MP4
  12. Hello guys , well , i made a mistake unfortunately , I thought if i sit next to his cage and dont pay attention to him he will stop growling and screaming but seems i was wrong and now he is scared of me much worse i dont really know what I should do to take that little trust back , and now when ever i go to my room he starts growling:/ any tips guys ? My parrot is 1y and about 2 months and i have him/her about 17 days
  13. What do you guys do during dinner? Do you include your grey or not? If not, how do you enforce it or do it. I feel terrible not including him but he has gotten very disruptive. It used to be just me and that was fine. There are two other people living here now who are not crazy about moving glasses, silverware, and food out of his way. I get it. I just feel bad about not including him. What should I do?
  14. Brutus does this when I walk up to him and ask him, "How are you?" I think it is a good response, but I don't really know. What do you think? IMG_3101.MOV
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