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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I am looking for good advice from experienced Grey owners. I have decided to adopt a baby grey soon. The baby will be ready to come home in a month. I have a 4 year old dog, (picture attached), whose mom is a Jack Russell terrier and father unknown. Possibly a Maltese. My dog Caesar, likes to chase squirrels and crows in the backyard. And he is very aggressive(barks) towards other dogs. He has never bitten another dog or any small animals. But mainly because we are always careful in keeping him away from other dogs. I think he might bite another dog if he gets a chance. He barks at people who are non family. But never bites. He is just scared of strangers. I am concerned about what can I expect when I bring the baby Grey home. The baby will be 3-4 months old. How do I introduce the baby to Caesar? Will he be aggressive? How do I get him used to the baby if he is aggressive? Will I ever be able to have the bird outside the cage when the dog is present, under my supervision? Or do they always have to be separate? What would be a realistic expectation? I work from home. When I am working, I would like to have my Grey and Caesar both hanging out with me. Would that be realistic? Caesar is a very sweet dog and a cuddle bunny with family members, always asking for belly rubs. But quite different with other animals. Will he accept after a while that the Grey is part of the family or he will be aggressive towards the bird? I am worried about this. I would wish my dog to accept the bird. But I don’t want to have any unrealistic expectations. It is difficult for me to visualize what to expect. Please advise.
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