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Found 6 results

  1. Erfan


    Hello guys , I’m going to change his cage and i wonder how i can convince my parrot to go to his new cage ? Because right now his cage is his home and ofc he is still wild , doesn’t let me to be close to him so that i put him there , so any tip guys ??
  2. Greetings guys My question : 1. Now i can be close to his cage but I should lie down next to his cage and then it seems he likes it when ever i do that he puffs up and start playing with his toy or eating food and preening , but when i stand up he screams:/ he He lowers his neck and cautiously looks at me . I try to increase the height of his cage but still I don’t see any differences , and by the way, I returned him to my room again he didn’t like the living room When i put his cage in my room again it seemed he was very thrilled 😁, he was very relaxed and fluffed up his feathers . P.S : i heard if my parrot puffs up for a long time he is sick , but how long exactly?
  3. Hello guys. I have some question . Why is my parrot so aggressive in the morning ? and whistles a lot i guess he’s calling his flock but why aggressively? Why does my parrot tremble his feather in his chest whenever i talk to him?
  4. Hello everyone 👋 I’ve just moved his cage and now he is in living room ( he was in my room ) , can you guys tell me whether his new place is good or not ? P.S : Since I couldn’t upload the image here I think there’s a problem with forum so I uploaded it somewhere else here is the link : https://ibb.co/jUQM07
  5. Hello guys. Today I attempted to install toy in his cage, after i did it , Omg 😮 he was frightened , as if the toy was a predator , I thought it’s because of me , so i stayed way and ignored him for 5 minuets , and I realized it was because of the toy , and when i saw him frightened and squeezed himself at one side the cage actually i could fell tears in my eyes and wanted to cry . although I’m not a girl but ... . I just love birds and I want them to have a perfect life i have 3 budgies and 1 canary , and i gave them a room to live together freely with cages that are always open , but I’m really worried about my parrot :((( any suggestion guys ? And the toy isn’t colorful it’s plain and consists of : wood , rope and a small bell.
  6. Hello is it normal that he screams while whistling ? If it isn’t what causes this ? the film is attached to the post A2408BFD-7751-4E8E-9AEE-9591D2F721FF.MP4
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