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Welcome To The Classifieds Room


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Welcome to our Classified Room. :)


This room is for trading, selling, or listing Bird Related Items. This is an informal section where members may list items that you would like to sell or trade.




All listings MUST meet the following criteria below:


1. Item must be bird-related.


2. We ask that you list the state and country you live in.


3. Listings must be from members only. NO WEB SITES or web links are to be listed. No selling/trading from stores, or second hand entities.


4. All inquiries and selling/trading arrangements are to be via the Private Message System, or by email.


5. Complaints, monetary issues are to be private between the parties involved in any transaction.


6. All items listed are subject to, and may be edited or deleted by the discretion of the admin team.



Greyforums.net takes no responsibility for any items, transactions, occurrences, that transpire from any communication between parties.

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