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I hope this is allowed.


I have tried hard to keep my grey happy with my new baby, but it's not working out. She doesn't get the attention she needs, and when she gets excited I believe the noise she makes may actually damage my daughter's hearing....


I have tried craigslist; the replies I got there were not encouraging. Many responders could not spell correctly and the only question asked was "does it talk?". This worried me.


So on the off chance that an actual bird lover is out there willing to pay some reasonable amount -- I thought I'd post here.


Starbuck is a female (dna tested) timneh african grey. We believe her to be about 5 years old, but she was a rescue so we have no exact hatch date for her. She doesn't bite, is a polite shoulder bird when placed there, and just wants to be near her people. Her favorite place in the world is in your lap or on the back of a sofa while you watch tv. She is eating zupreem pellets, has had no major health issues.


Doesn't pluck, and when she gets the attention she needs is relatively quiet (at least relative to my experience with conures etc!). But when she doesn't get some attention, woe be unto your eardrums, and alas with a 9 month old in the house she is not getting what she needs from me :(. We love her dearly but cannot risk our daughters hearing, and the poor bird is being left alone too much.


I am sending her to a new home with her cage, all her toys, her travel carrier, and her smaller play stand. I've been asking $500 on craigslist but for the right person who will love her and keep her happy and safe for the rest of her life, we can talk.


I thought I could keep her happy with the baby, I didn't want to give her up, but to keep trying this is not fair to her, the baby, or me -- it's just too stressful. It's time she found a good forever home, since I can't provide the one I thought I could.

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Sorry about your need to rehome Starbuck. I hope you find the right home soon. Karma to you for caring about your grey enough to see that she will find a forever home where she will get the love and time these intelligent companions need.

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