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african grey for sale


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hi ya guys due to my wife going back to work

we now have to sell ronnie

this breaks my heart to put this up on the forum

but id like some one to have him who would spend more time with him

he is 18 months old and cost me £900 a year and half ago

he comes complete with cage and toys and is fully tame

who ever buys him wont be dissapointed

im looking to get £550 for him

any one intrested please leave us a email and ill get back to you

thankyou :(<br><br>Post edited by: tyrell, at: 2009/11/08 18:21

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This is really sad Tyrell - but why do you feel that you need to give up Ronnie because your wife is working? Both myself and my husband work full time (as do many members of this forum) and we have the happiest little parrot ever.


You can still spend plenty of time with Ronnie - he will adapt to your new life - he is only still a baby and therefore very adaptable.


I would plead with you to give this a go before selling him - he is only still a baby.

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I agree with Jill, just because she is going back to work doesn't mean you have to get rid of Ronnie, I work full time and have since I have had Josey and I make time for her every day. A lot of us members work but you can make sure Ronnie has quality time if not quantity, please don't give up on him just yet.

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