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looking for the perfect home for 2 male AFG


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Putting this add breaks my heart but i have to put it for both Marley and Bolt. they are 10 month old's, they have their vaccines, they blood test (all negative)and their dna test. I am 26 years old, a full time student and have noticed I have not been giving them the time they deserve.They are young but so affectionate.they want to sit on my lap all day if they could and have me scratch their heads. They are young and ready to destroy every toy available to them. I would love someone to adopt them together since they have been together since they where 2 months old. they share the same cage and even thought they disagree at times they love and miss eachother when one is in the bath and the other in the cage. they have secret codes to let eachother know they are in the house. lol. They yell from room to room to alert eachother. So this add is not to make money but to find my babies the right home they deserve. I will sale both for $1600 with cage, toys and food. The main reason I will sale them is because I dont want to just give them away to someone who does not know about these type of birds and what they are worth. they are not cheap and defenetely not cheap to raise. I have spent well over $1600 on them. I payed $1200 each and took them right away to a vet the same day and spent another 400-600 dollars on test, vaccines and grooming. I LOVE THESE BABIES!!! and they love me so please call only if you are the right person. I live in los angeles, ca . call for any questions 323-384-7010. oh and one more thing they are not afraid of dogs. they live with dogs and walk past the dogs like they are not even there.

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