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2 Congo Gray Parrots & aviary for sale.


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We have two Congo African Grey Parrots for sale. One male 3 years old and a female 17 years old according to their bands. Price is $ 700 (OBO ) for each. However we will cut the price of the birds if you buy the aviary also.Both were purchased from a pet shop, both are in good health.



The female is named Ruby




The males name is Kikki.




I also have a custom built aviary. $1500 or best offer.




For larger photos goto this link:




Both are healthy and happy birds.


My wife and I just don't have the time to devote to our parrots due to our work schedule. I have debated this for quite some time and hate to sell our birds but, I think this is the best thing for the birds.Both birds are very sweet and both are good talkers , they can say their names Ruby can count to 5 she also makes phone ring talks, laughs and hangs up.Kikki calls our dog by name they both are loads of fun . We know that they would be wonderful for someone who can give them lots of love and time ,My Wife and i hate to do this but we feel that they would be happier with folks who are able to be home with them more than we are.I am willing to sale the birds as a pair or seperatly. We do have a aviary as well as a parrot cage for sale if you buy both birds we will give you the parrot cage valued at 400.00 dollars.If you have any questions please call 423-765-8967.



I'm located in North Eastern Tennessee outside of Kingsport, Tri-Cities area.


Email jseabolt@embarqmail.com for more information.<br><br>Post edited by: jseabolt, at: 2009/12/27 22:38

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My father built it for us about a year ago. We originally had two cages for each bird. Supposably a local lady is going to buy the birds as soon as she get's enough money. Yeah I hate to sell our birds but we just don't have the time to devote to them as they need.

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You're doing the right thing then - you know how much time, attention and love they need. I hope this lady is very happy with them - I'm sure you've found a loving home for them ~ and any time your father would like to pop over here to the UK and build me an aviary - I wouldn't mind one bit.


Good luck to you and your birds - I'm sure this lady will give them the home you wish for them.

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