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Two Perfect Congo Babies for Sale


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Hi All,

Two of Camilla's congo babies are looking for their new home. You can read about them on Camilla's announcement thread in the Nursery forum. We are keeping one of the clutch for ourselves, but simply can't keep all three.


They are in Indiana, and are now ready for their next adventure. Send me a PM for details or any questions.


These babies are hand reared, well socialized, like dogs, know the up command (perch on finger) and are eating pellets with a complement of veggies and beans.


Also, I have three more hatching right now that will be available in March/April.






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Thanks all! I do hope we find the right homes for the babies. We are going to be very picky about where they go - the chicks will have to convince us that it is a good match :)


Judy, I still have all the webcams running, including the nest box camwith the (right now) two chicks and one egg. Enjoy!

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An excellent description of two gorgeous babies. It's lovely that you have decided to keep one Dave - we've seen them from the very start and it'll be lovely to continue with the progress of one of them (or all of them if you can get your babies' new owners to sign up here!!). Thanks again Dave ~ I'll be sad to see them go! :(

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Dave I sent you a pm , me and hubby want to get a nice big healthy baby next spring (hopefully a male ) then Rudy can have a little brother :)


My Averi is from Dave and she's been more amazing than we could have ever imagined! If you're looking for a well socialized, healthy, and gorgeous baby look no further! :)

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