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i am looking to buy a hand reared baby grey.

i did buy one but my daughters grey died and she was so upset i have given her my baby,

we are in scotland and would pref some one here

but cant seem to find any one they are all sold

if anyone can help please contact me

with age and price please a great and loving home for the baby

thankyou Billy<br><br>Post edited by: pep4uk, at: 2010/01/03 16:33

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We are in the Borders and got Alfie down in Bedlington - not too far away.




I have heard of a breeder in Edinburgh though who is well spoken of - doesn't advertise and only uses word of mouth. Perhaps if you get in touch with the Dick vet in Edinburgh they would be able to put you in touch with them, or another good breeder?


Sorry to hear of your daughters loss.<br><br>Post edited by: pearllyn, at: 2010/01/03 21:54

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Its too bad you live in the UK for someone here in the US has two grey babies just weaned for sale, a member of this forum but I wish you luck, hopefully the info that Lyn gave you will be fruitful.


Sorry to hear of your daughter's loss of her grey and that was generous of you to give her yours.

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Pep - I was under the impression you bought the last baby from John (the link Lyn gave you)? Are you getting another from him or phoning Dick the vet in Edinburgh? Alfie and Harvey are testament that John's babies are top notch! Even if I do say so myself!!!! :laugh:<br><br>Post edited by: JillyBeanz, at: 2010/01/06 14:17

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