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Sammy Looking for New Home


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Ny name is Carmen and I have a 5 Year Old Congo African Gray looking for new forever home. I live in Waco, Texas right now and need to find a home for "Sammy".


He is a very laid back bird and I have had him for 7 months now after taking him in from a friend who unfortunately came down with ALS disease and was no longer able to handle him.


Will sale him at a very reasonable price including all cages and giant playgym (shown below). If interested, please call me at 254-848-9068 or reply to a posting.


My situation is changing at home as well and I unfortunately am having to find him a home. He needs an experienced CAG person who has the time and room for him to give him a permanent home hopefully as I had once intended as well.


My heart is breaking having to even do this, but I know it is best for Sammy and that is what counts.



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