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4 year old female Double Yellow Amazon to a good home.


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We are looking for a new home for our pet Dorita, she is a tamed beautiful and gorgeous parrot who loves to sing (opera, Mexican mariachi songs, etc.), dance, and whistle. She talks in English and Spanish, is very social and enjoys being around people. She also loves her bath time.

We can’t keep Dorita with us because we will not be able to provide the same amount of attention we used to, since we have a 22 month old baby and we are expecting a new baby in 2 months. She has been a great pet in our family, however babies are very demanding and she deserves a family who can continue providing the affection she needs. We are asking an adoption fee of $1400 that includes a large cage, a patio cage, a travel cage, all her toys, perches and her vet records.


No breeders please as she is meant for a pet only.


She has the following three cages:

- Main cage (King’s cages brand, 36 in. wide x 28 in. deep x 69 in. high) see the exact model at the following link:


- Patio cage

- Backpack/travel cage

- Toys, perches free



Enjoy her video in the link below:


See attached photos in the add itselt or in the link below:




If you have any questions or need further information, pictures, please contact us:

Marisol and Jose









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