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Need To Rehome Our Fids


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Life has changed in a huge way,and we are unable to keep Gilbert the TAG and Phoenix the U2. Both will go to a new home with their cages(if within driving distance)all the toys I have,any food and sprout mix. Phoenix has a huge temp/travel cage and Gil has a travel cage as well


About Them

Gilbert is a 7 year old TAG,he is a stress plucker,but doesn't pluck most times. He can be cage territorial,but enjoys scritches and treats. Away from his cage he is better and allows scritches and is happy just to sit with you. He is very leary of new toys,and they must NEVER be placed in a location where they interfer with him getting to his food or water.

We have been working on his diet,but it's been slow going. He loves warm or room temp baby food veggies from a spoon,pasta,rice and cooked beans. He likes most fruits and really loves grapes. He does talk a little and mimics our smoke alarms,microwave,anything that beeps


Phoenix is an 8 year old U2,she is an absolute snuggle bug. Holding her against your chest she just melts into you. She has NEVER EVER bitten anyone and can be handled by our 8&10 year old children. Phoenix is a big player and goes through a lot of toys because of that. She loves soft woods she can easily destroy,but also plays with acrylic and powercoated metal toys. Phoenix is not a plucker,but she does tend to overpreen. She will bathe herself,but does not like to be sprayed,mostly I use a warm wet washcloth to wipe her down. For a large 'too she is not overly loud,but does contact call at dusk and dawn. She is a good eater and likes diced veggies,some fruits,sprouts,pasta and beans. She also eats zupreem fruit


Both of these fids were brought into our family as private rescues,so I will be picky about where they go,to ensure they have the best lives possible.

There will be a small rehoming fee of $300 for each of them,which includes all the cages,toys and food


We are located in Biloxi MS

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