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baby CAG to rehome

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I have a dna sexed male African Grey Parrot I need to rehome. He was born on 7-15-09 and was hand fed as a baby from a reputable breeder in my area. I have owned him since he was 4 months old. He is a very well bred boy. Behaves himself very well, great personality. Loves to talk and play with his toys. He is really just a baby yet and is still very impressionable.


He has been fed Harrison's High Potency Course pellets his whole life as well as fresh veggies, fruits, crazy corn, nuts, etc. He has a very big cage that measures 36" x 28" x 60" (44" x 36" x 70" including seed guard and playtop).


He loves to take showers and hang out on his perch and watch his family watch tv or play. He is used to spending about 4-6 hours outside his cage every day on the play top, as well as lots of interaction from myself and my 9 yr old daughter.


So far, he has rejected my husband but that is because my husband is rarely in the home, and has never handled him before.


He is scared of strangers but warms up to people once he gets used to them. When he is scared he will shake slightly and if approached by the newcomer he will try to get away, and if cornered he will bite. He has never bitten me or my daughter for no reason, only when handled incorrectly. He really is a lover. You can't give him too much attention.


I would say he has a vocabulary of about 100 words right now, which I think is great for a guy this young.


I can no longer keep him because our life situation has changed and I am unable to give him the attention that he needs. Re-homing fee does apply. He will come with his cage and all his toys, lights, mats, etc. We live in Sioux Falls, SD.




sage bird.jpg


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