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Timneh to re-home


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Timneh African Gray needs a new home. I've gone back to school full time and he needs more 'me' time. Adult healthy bird in perfect feather.


Steps up on command, flies to me when asked to, on a pelleted diet, no bad habits--but not a cuddler and not a shoulder sitter. Very interested in everything going on, with many comments to add---if you can say it, this bird can, too.


A home where he gets more one on one time with someone wanting lots of conversation and a clown in the house would be ideal. He has no problem quieting at night and sleeping in the mornings until you awaken. Enjoys spending time on the deck in his travel cage, or on his T-stand inside watching the action.


I am asking an adoption fee and cage/accessories are included. Please email for more information to leimbach.farm@centurytel.net (I do not follow the board too often).


Thank you.

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