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Would love to adopt an african grey parrot


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Hello Marc:


Hello Marc:


My name is Michael Glennon. I live in Milford, Massachusetts. I am presently looking to adopt an African Grey Parrot, Male. It has lately come to my attention that many, many parrots are going to unsuitable homes, or being purchased on a whim because of their obvious exciting appeal, and are being abandoned. You very likely know all of this. I am appalled at just how many are being abandoned, left all day in cages, and unthinkably – even physically abused. It is absolutely CRAZY. This has just come to my attention.


In any case, about myself – my wife and I are extremely experienced parrot owners and handlers. Our very first bird was a Blue and Gold Macaw babe who was terribly abused by her cagemate. She was just a baby and her cagemate at the store in Milford was a HUGE Blue and Gold – mean as could be – and had pulled out all her tail and wing feathers and bloodied her up good. We went back to that store every day. Soon, “Rock” (already named) was coming out to us daily. The store owner finally said one day “she loves you – just take her home”. We did. We studied every bit of literature we could on care and feeding and even primary nursing. She had so many broken feathers that we removed for her. We got her on pellets and seed mixed in ratio, fruits and nuts, and some vegetables. She was never in her cage. We got her back to pristine health, appearance and emotional well being. We also had an orange winged Amazon, and a Congo African Grey. All our birds were part of the family. Eventually we had children, moved, and had to part with our birds. We interviewed so many people and got very, very good homes where they would stay permanently. I called on the Blue and Gold year to year to make sure she was all right (the new owners were quite sick of it) until I was satisfied that she was fine for the long haul.


We are now very settled down and have a home. Both my wife and I are home full time. I am now going to transition careers back to portrait painting as is my main career and life’s love. I will be home absolutely all the time now, and I am looking for a bird companion for myself primarily – my own buddy to spend my days with. This is a lifelong commitment that I am desiring. That being so, I want the perfect bird, of course, and my personality is best with a male African Grey – preferably one that is not too old , and if he might have some issues such as temperament or handling that is just fine. I personally believe that I can train and bond with almost ANY parrot (there are exceptionally impossible cases of course who just will not bond with a human but I think these are somewhat more rare). The African Grey that I would adopt would have the absolute BEST life a bird could ever want. The best feeding, everything a parrot could desire. The best attention, daily showers, eating with the family, the absolute best parrot diet, living side by side with me as a best friend. So if you have an African Grey like this – male, younger - ish, (temperament is not a problem and can be worked with, etc.), then please contact me. I do not know your procedures but I am certain that if you might have a parrot of this type, or know someone that does, and he needs the very best home ever, please contact me. If you do not have one presently, then would you please consider keeping my email handy in case one comes in your door? So please contact me if you have a bird such as I am looking for, if not please do keep my email in case one comes in!

I cannot afford to pay very much, but I have about $250 to work with. I am hoping that someone somewhere has a bird that is just for me. I hope that they will ship if they are not in Massachusetts, even though shipping can be somewhat uncomfortable - the trip will be well worth it for the life that this parrot will have at my home. It will be absolutely ecstatic once he is settled in as part of the family.


-Thank you my friend for reading my email, and always I wish you the very best in your work.

Michael Glennon


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