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1.5 year old Congo (sex unknown) in Boston, MA for adoption


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I have a lovely 1.5 y.o. Congo whom I'm hoping to re-home. A change in financial circumstances has made us have to move into a small no-pets apartment, and we're about to be kicked out for his noise. I'm PRAYING I can find somebody who already has large birds. Failing that, large bird experience would be good.


Our boy is terribly sweet. He follows me around and snuggles a lot. If he "needs" to be petted he will climb up your arm to your face, put his head down, and butt it against your chin. He also has absolutely excellent manners - credit goes to his breeder, not me - and has never bitten me or even acted aggressively... which shocked me at first.


He's a good talker and picks up words after hearing them for just a little while. I was semi-immoble for a week or two, bumping into everything and shouting, "Ouch!" over and over again. Sure enough, by the end of the first week he was mimicking me perfectly.


He can step up and also poops if you put him on the ground. If you're careful to do this every so often, your belongings will stay mostly poop-free :P Mostly. He hates showers.


References from a vet would be preferred.

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I wish you the very best luck finding a new home for your friend, he sounds wonderful. This is a very random offer but if you end up in a predicament and need a temporary place I offer my assistance. I have a CAG of my own and understand the pressures you face with little funds and a small house!


Good luck!

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