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Laundry detergent = plucked feathers! :(

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So I finally got to bring my baby grey home. Unfortunatley just before I came to pick him up he had managed to get Ito some laundry detergent. The breeder washed him off with some bird spray (on a towl and wiped). Though it seems she missed a spot in his armpit and he's plucked a few feathers. I've since washed him best I can. I'm just nervous because the spot is red and irritated. He doesn't seem to be messing with it anymore (that Ive noticed) and is as relaxed and comfortable as can be.


Any suggestions? Should I be as worried as I am? I still need to take him in for his new-bird-I-just-brought-home exam anyway. I'm just paranoid it'll turn into something habitual.

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I would give him an aloe vera juice bath making sure to get under the wings and you can also put some aloe vera jel on his armpit if it is irritating him, the jel is safe even if he eats some of it, it may sooth it since that detergent is irritating him.

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