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CAG in Dubai.


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anyone who have info can plz answer to some of my queries :



1, a reliable place in dubai to get a CAG

2, Vet clinics in dubai

3, is Air condoitioned rooms suitable for the bird (ofcourse they cant be left outside during summer)

4, best pellet brand for CAG

5, Approximate cost of a CAG.

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In another area of this board, you asked whether this board is only for US/UK members and you wanted to be directed to a board in your country that can help you.


I'll explain-------We have members from many different countries besides US/UK. Usually, they already have greys and come here to ask/answer/discuss/compare their birds with members here.


Most people from other countries look into the various places in their countries to buy any type of parrot including greys. We can't tell you about where to buy them, what the names of vets are in your country, price of a bird, type of food We have no idea about that type of information in different countries because the boards don't know about the specific information in different countries that you want. We're not familar with products, birds, vets in other countries. We don't live there. All countries do things differently. This also applies to many other countries.


I'll explain it in a much simpler way----if you were a grey owner ( experienced or inexperienced )and you were a member on this board and someone from China came here and asked the same exact questions as you did, would you know what to say? Can you answer their questions accurately?

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Dave007.... i dont mean to offend you here, but i think you haven't read my post and got my mesaage clearly..

So i will explain :

It starts with "anyone who have info can plz answer" which means if you have no info u shouldn't bother yourself answering them .

And a simple answer to your question "If someone from China came here and asked the same questions, What would i do?" . I will not even try to answer them and will hope a chinese person finds him and gives him the required info :)

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