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I need help finding a home for my grey


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I have an 11-year-old grey, Buddy. He's (that's just my feeling, his sex hasn't been confirmed) a fantastic bird, he's been with me since he weaned. He accepted and bonded with my husband, then our dog. Now we also have a baby. I just can't give him the attention he used to have and deserves. It breaks my heart, but he deserves a full and happy life. I'm happy to give him and all of his "stuff" to an appropriate and preferably experienced home. He's happy, healthy, and has no behavior problems.


I'd appreciate any connections that can be made through enthusiast networks before I resort to something like Craig's List.





ps- I live in Connecticut

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Hi Pks. Welcome to the forum. I know it's a difficult decision when you decide to rehome your bird. I know that many people will be interested in the opportunty. Take your time and get to know the people who show interest. I'm sure there will be "candidates" that will offer the perfect home. I know that life changes offen happen and maybe it's best for your bird to be rehomed. I wish you the best, but I also encourage you to take another look at the situation and see if there may be some way it can still work with your family so that you may be able to keep your grey. I know you will make the choice that is best for all.Is there an avian society or bird club in your area? I'm sure that would be a good place to start. Best wishes and good luck.

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