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6-year-old Female CAG for Adoption or Trade


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Hi, I took in a sweet CAG who talks a ton, whistles Andy Griffith and will step up now to me, but the problem is, she doesn't LOVE me, she is nervous with me because I am a woman! (Her previous owner was a man and he moved out of the country....)


She LOVES all men and I mean LOVES, but no matter how hard I try and what I do, she will never have that bond with me and I have come to accept that, however when I see her all animated and cooing and talking and whistling and kissing the male VET, it becomes apparent to me that she really does deserve a male owner!


She is DNA-sexed, in perfect feather, eating Harrisons and has had complete bloodwork and physical and is in perfect health. She does have a bad wing trim, unfortunately, at the moment, which is growing out.


If anyone is interested, I am in North Carolina. She is $600 or I would happily trade her for a similarly well-socialized, non plucking healthy CAG that prefers a female owner. I don not care about age or sex since this would be for a spoiled pet not a breeder!


Thanks, its funny how these intelligent creatures pick us to some extent, isn't it?

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Hi JoAnne

Im sorry you have to find a new home for your Grey. I completely understand though. I would love to have her join our family but live in Colorado

and wanted to find out if you would consider shipping her? The thing is, I have a Grey that is bonded to me and my husband feels left out. This

would be perfect and hopefully she would bond with him.

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