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Barnaby Had An Emergency Vet Visit!


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I am sorry. I really do try to keep up, but things just keep changing. I'm trying to edit my recovery recipe wherever posted because I hadn't looked at the ingredients in Gerber Baby Rice Cereals in a while. It's just rice, right??


I would not recommend including Gerber Baby Rice Cereals in anything being fed to fids in the future. Apparently they're adding more/different vitamins & minerals. It didn't used to have added zinc or anywhere near the amount of iron it has now.


Zinc, as most of us know, is toxic for fids. They do need iron in their diet. But under some conditions, too much can lead to iron overload problems, particularly in certain breeds. From now on I think I'd add Nabisco Cream of Rice Hot Cereal instead of baby cereal. Possibly Quinoa or oatmeal, but rice is supposed to be very easily digested.


I wouldn't have realized there were any changes to Gerber's recipe if Katana600 hadn't emailed to ask about the iron. So, thank you for giving me a reason to research this, Dee.


If anyone else finds any other questionable nutritional facts, please, please post or email.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that Barnaby is doing WONDERFULLY, and has settled in nicely. He will be going back to the vet in 4 weeks for another check up, but so far has been given a clean bill of health. Just wanted to thank everyone once again for the moral support you gave me, and for allowing me to vent about the situation. You kept my head up....so thank you.

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