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female african grey approx 6year old and grey corner cage forsale


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forsale is my beloved african grey ,i personaly dont want to sell her, but for geniune reasons , is because i suffer from ashma and(gp has advised this is the cause /dust from the female grey) the wife is due to have her baby within the next month ,

the african grey is a female and talks well , and is larger then the male type greys , shes in very good conition dosent have too bad habbits , other then the useal , shes rather greedy with her food, and lots of energy ,she dose swear, ,says and copies ,dog,phone, me and wifes sayings etc, i really wont her to go to a good careing home with someone who has more time then i do , as we dont have the time tbh due to change of lifestyles (job wize) she will be quite for a few days until she finds her new suroundings and will have a bits ,until she gets use to someone, , as we have a veiwing yesterday and bite me , as she wasnt happy with differnert suroundings , im been honst as i can , any veiws are welcome , 550 no offers or px , she also has a id ring on her foot .we are located nr doncaster south yorkshire , contact number 07527537347 ill upload a few pics in the next hour , thankyou for looking

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