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Order your baby parrots or fertile eggs now

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Our aviary breed healthy, trained and tame parrots ready to go to their new homes,availabilities in our facility and pet shop are high breed train, tame and talking parrots Age ranging from 8 months old to 15years.we equally have fertile and candle tested parrot eggs for sale for those who will be interested to hatch out chick,please if interested to buy fertile eggs or parrots contact us for the below varieties for sale:

Hyacinth macaw .

Scarlet macaw.

Blue and gold macaw.

green wings macaw.

Umbrella cockatoos .

sulphur crested cockatoos.

rosebreasted cockatoos .

palm cockatoos.

moluccan cockatoos.

Double yellow headed amazon.

Yellow Nape amazon .

solomon electus parrots .

African congo grey.

Toucans .

All parrots comes with health papers, Our eggs are tested and guaranteed through a candling exercise.Our hatching rate on all eggs is 100 percent.We equally offer brochures auto regulated incubators, CD tapes etc to customers getting eggs from us to insure a successful hatch.get back to us animals.kingdom@live.com

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