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Free aviary!


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Reposting item. I need to get this thing out of my basement! Please take it off my hands before I have to haul it off to the dump or burn it.




It's been awhile since I've been on here. Due to personal issues my wife and I had to give away our three African Greys a couple of years ago. We could not find buyers for them so we took them back to the pet store and they could not find buyers either and had to forefit them for room and board. Despite being my wife's birds, it broke my heart to see them go because I had become attached to them and they took up with me.


My father built this aviary for them as a Christmas present for my wife and since not having the birds it has been in storage in our basement. Since we have no plans on getting any more parrots, we desperatly need the storage space in our basement. It measures 90" long X 70" high X 33" deep. it is made of oak and it very heavy. The front doors have glass inserts. The top and sides are covered with wire mesh and the sides with covered with plexiglass. The bottom has cleanout drawers.


This isn't the best design for an aviary. My father built it based on what he thought it should be. There are gaps around the cleanout drawers but these could be covered with plywood and the dropping swept out. I repaired one of the drawers but the other one may need some work. The birds have chewed through the wire mesh but this can easily be replaced. The plexiglass was installed after the fact to cut down on bird dander. As you know parrots like the chew on things so there are bite marks on the inside but the exterior is in great shape. There might possibly be a nest box to go with it if I can find it.


it would not take much to modify this aviary to suit your needs.


Since my father put several weeks of time into making this for my wife, I would feel really guilty hauling this to the dump if I could not find a buyer.


It does not include any toys or branches you see in the photo. I think my wife gave these to the pet store in exhange for keeping the birds. But you are welcome to any branches you may see on my property to take with you.


Please take this off my hands! Call me 423-765-3722. Leave message with good time to call if I don't answer my cell phone.


I live just outside of Kingsport, TN in the town of Mount Carmel.


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This is just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. You don't know how many times I have looked at it from your former posts and now. I keep measuring my space and wondering how it would work and how many miles it is to Kingsport from my house (about 260miles) and how I would get it loaded and unloaded, and will it fit through my doors. If you do find a home for it at a sanctuary and need help to move it, I have a ten foot open trailer and would be willing to help you get it to some place between us. Otherwise, please don't destroy it before sending me a PM and I will see if I can convince someone to come help me move it to my basement and continue to help you find a proper home and keep it in good use. I can see it was made with love and care and there has to be someone with the perfect spot and a bird in need.

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The aviary has found a home. The new owner will use it to house three cockatiels. I am sorry I could not answer the volume of emails I recieved about this aviary. I posted this on Craigslist and got about 70 by the end of the day. I was wondering where all these people were when I was trying to sell it. I only wanted $800 for it but would have taken just about anything to get it out of my basement. Oh well.

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