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Male African Grey for rehoming near Dallas, TX


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I have a four year old male african grey for rehoming. I bought him as a baby and had him shipped to me when he was four months old. It breaks my heart to have to rehome him, but I am having to rehome all my birds due to them not receiving the time and attention they deserve as life has definately changed for us. His name is Remy and I love him with all my heart and know that he deserves better than what he is getting in my home. They are not able to have much out of cage time and it kills me as they used to get at least 4 hours a day out of cage and now don't even get an hour daily. He has a large cage and lots of toys to go with him. He is fully flighted and talks, but is more of a closet talker. He only talks when he thinks you aren't listening. I also have a manzanita playstand that can go with him as well. I do want him to go to a forever home and not be shuffled around as this does break my heart. If you are interested, please contact me.


Thank you,


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I am asking $750 for him, his large cage, a 5 foot manzanita tree stand, his cage cover, food, toys, and travel cage. I do have a DNA cert and know he is a male, but he is a pet only. He isn't a breeder and I would hope he would only go to a pet home. Thank you so much for responding.

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