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Dave007 Thanksgiving with a parrot


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  • 11 months later...

There are some things that are too special to be forgotten.  Like the truly unique wit & wisdom of the equally unique Dave007.  And of course, his huge investment of time & effort towards making Grey Forums greyt.  

Wishing everyone a very special Thanksgiving & holiday season.  But especially to Dave's friends & family ...hope you'll reminisce w/a little charity & a lot of joy.

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This poem was exactly what Dave was all about, he was a man of sharp wit and a keen sense of humor but what he held in knowledge of all things concerning greys was priceless. He like the rest of us was not a vet but he was someone who had vast experience in dealing with greys, breeding them, raising them from babies and he did that for a long time. He took in a grey who no one else could handle and he accomplished wonders with his patience and skill in working with them for so long. He was our go to guy if someone had a problem with a grey and this forum sorely misses him as I do each and every day, he was someone you could count on for advice and not necessarily just about greys. I had many a conversation with him in the years I knew him and I miss his wealth of knowledge on greys along with his sharp tongue, I even managed to make him laugh a few times. There seems a strange silence to his absence and the forum is less active because he no longer is here but maybe in time the forum will pick up again. Dave was one of a kind, sometimes he was a bitter pill to swallow but he had a huge heart, I miss him so much.

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