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NORTHERN CA- RUBY Macaw for adoption!


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*I am posting this as a favor for a friend- mods, feel free to move or delete if necessary, but I hope it is fine to post this adoption request here*


Hi everyone! My flock consists of four budgies and one Congo African Grey, and unfortunately at this time I cannot adopt the Ruby Macaw I have had my heart set on. I live in an apartment. 'nuff said.


I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in adopting this bird, or if they know of someone who might want to adopt him. He will NOT be shipped, you MUST visit the bird in Northern California a few times to be sure it is a good match. Therefore, please live in Northern California, preferably the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a great bird from what I know, and he really needs an attentive forever home!


For starters, this bird is the owner's first bird. So he is very easy to handle! He is in perfect feather and loves to show off his acrobatics. He is gorgeous, and gets along well with the family cat. I think he may also be familiar with horses. This bird is well-socialized, and fairly quiet (for a Macaw, at least). His "Macaw scream" is rare, he is more of a fun sounds kind of vocalizer.


I would absolutely adopt this bird if it weren't for the fact that I live in an apartment. While his screams are rare, he IS a Macaw.


I have more questions for the owner that I am waiting on answers to, like who his avian veterinarian is and what kind of home she wants most for this fantastic bird. If you are interested in adopting this big, beautiful Ruby Macaw, please respond to this thread or PM me. If you have any questions, let me know because I am screening great homes for the owner.


Thanks! Macaws are amazing.

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Macaws are great. Playful little buggers and when they love, you know you are being loved! Although mine still won't say my name, i am getting use to being called thwwwww ( raspberry sound ) too bad though Gabby, my grey, now calls me that too! The screams are mostly in the morning and evening as a flock round up call. They are loud but short and then over with.

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