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3 year old African Grey in Colorado Springs


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We are finding that we need to find new home for our male Congo African Grey. Weve been so busy and just dont have the time anymore to give him the attention he really needs and deserves and mostly because over the past year Ive been having horrible migraines that last for days and its really hard with him. He is about 3 years old who bonds more to females but Im sure with time and patience he will bond with anyone. When I first got him at about a year old he was totally plucked except his head. He has since grown in all his feathers back, still messing with them a little but he looks great compared to how he did look and he is fully flighted now and seems to really enjoy that. He just needs someone who will have time to give him the love and attention he needs, but he also does not mind playing on his cage and on his hanging toys.

He can be non stop from sunrise to sunset or quieter during the day which seems to be really hard on me since we live in a tiny house and with my migraines its horrible but I know hes just being a bird and I cant interact with him too much anymore because of it. He loves his swings and boingy things and that also seems to keep him busy. When I first got him he couldn't even balance himself and now look at him. Hes doing so great but I know this is the best for him to go live with someone that can give him the attention that I cant. I am asking $500 for him and his cage. I live in Colroado springs and do not want to ship him, sorry. Please email me directly if your interested as I do not get on here that often.

Thank you

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