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Selling 10month old African Grey :-(


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My mum bought me an African Grey for my birthday last year. S/he was about 10week old when i picked it up in September making approx 10months old. All the books say they tend to take to the opposite sex to them-wel it idolises my brother so at a guess makes it female so il carry on a SHE.

She was fine with me for a few weeks, but absolutely fantastic with my brother. Taking her out of cage to roam free for 2-3hours a day, she'd climb onto my hand to be taken out of cage, ate peanuts off my hand fine. But over last 6/8weeks shes turned completely. Tried to bite me when cleaning/changing/feeding. Tried to bite me when getting her out so that she hasnt come out because im scared i wont get her back in. Previously my young daughter has been able to feed her monkey nuts etc but recently its been grabbing my daughters hand and not letting go!! When my brother comes round shes absolutely fantastic, climbs onto his hand without hesitation, its happily on his arm or shoulder but wont come anywhere near me. ts really starting to get to me because shes not coming out nowhere near as much as she should be and i feel terrible so im lookin at a new home for her-with someone who maybe knows what they are doing, definitely has plenty of time as didnt realise how much time they need-with a toddler and another due shortly i havent got the time the poor bird needs.


She comes with everything she needs, nice big cage, toys, plenty of mixed varied food.

Paid £800 for bird, £500 for cage, approx £200 for toys then possibly a further £200 for foods....im looking around £800 for the lot. Im in Medway, Kent.


Please contact me for further information

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