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Grey is wanted in South Florida


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I have been on this site since ages, all along full with anticipations of finally having one of these beautiful and smart birds of my own. As years passed, i learned lot about them from you all as well as from books, etc. In my last job as a nanny i was lucky enough to become a nanny of a grey as well, whom the family purchased from a pet store under my careful supervision and several visits.

Now my life moved on, and i no longer work for that family. I do miss Bella (and the kids) but i cannot afford to spend large sums of money to buy a much desired and loved bird for myself.

If you hear of someone, who is looking for a reliable and caring human for their bird, that they can no longer take care of, Please send them my way, i would be very happy to shelter/adopt a grey. I am working from home, and I dont have much extra cash, but i would provide a forever and loving home to the bird. (I have 2 rescue chihuahuas as well and work closely with rescue groups in general)

Thank you for your consideration!

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