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2 CAG's for adoption (together) in Northern California


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Hello forum folks. It breaks my heart to announce that I need a new forever home for Oscar and Ellie Noel. These two great Greys need more time and love than I can give in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, both birds do tend to bite and can be unpredictable (as can any Grey). I will be adopting twin boys on the autism spectrum who have curious fingers and no bird experience, who are also noise sensitive. I have no choice but to find Oscar and Ellie Noel a wonderful, caring and committed home for the rest of their lives.


Oscar is a male CAG with a great sense of humor. When upset or nervous, he will squawk loudly, but is generally quieter when he is content. He sometimes squawks for attention, which is not unusual for a Grey. Oscar makes some great sounds, such as a door opening and closing. He is not a "huge talker" but communicates his needs and feelings well. He is sighted in only one eye due to an incident that occurred before I adopted him. It is very hard for me to write this post but Oscar is a wonderful bird and you can follow our past training adventures in "Oscar's Training Journal". Please read it for more information.


Ellie Noel is a female CAG with a lot of personality. When upset she will grow quiet, rather than squawk. She will need an attentive owner who can "read" her well and give her a home as a true member of the human family. She talks and watches TV (especially SpongeBob Squarepants) and is very entertaining. Ellie Noel makes various sounds, such as bubbling water. She also announces "Hallelujah!" Ellie Noel is in good health, as is Oscar. Both have been to the veterinarian within the last year. Please read more about Ellie Noel by searching for her name in my posts.


I am available to answer any questions you may have about these great birds. There will be a reasonable adoption fee to ensure they go to a home with a financially solvent person. I will admit that it was hard for me to afford their care at times, so you will need to assure me that these two amazing Greys (who must go home together- they are best friends) will be well cared-for.


I will expect to be able to visit the Greys on occasion, so please be located in Northern California.


Please understand how hard this is for me and be considerate when responding. My heart feels very raw right now. :(



WestCoastEmbers@Yahoo.com (email me directly please, it is the best way to reach me)

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