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Looking to re-home my african grey


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Hello Brooke,


I have not heard from you it's about a week now , I have been very excited about the hope of re-homing your little girl , I am guessing you are having second thoughts about re-homing your grey. Hope things work out ok with you and your grey, If you still are still wanting to re home your grey I am very ready to drive to pick up your grey on any day .


Thank you for considering me for a permanent home for your grey.


Joe & Elmo

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I would be glad to take in your Grey and give my male Grey a friend for life, I live in Los Angeles,Ca(Eagle Rock) and am always home with Perry my smart ,wonderful Grey. Feel free to call me @ (909)915-9771-email is brent1956@gmail.com, please let me know if available still and I can assure you she will be in a spoiled/loving home with a great friens Perry!, Brent

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Keep the faith. Rehoming is a very difficult emotional change. When we rehomed Miss Gilbert, it was five months between the first posting "thinking about it" and the next one saying it was necessary and she was ready. Some people have second thoughts and try to hang on because they don't want to be judged or because they are so uncertain of how to go about parting with the family member without self recrimination. Brooke may have sought out help to look in on her grey during the day or may have found another solution to keep it.

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