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Made Some New Toys


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Foraging baskets for medium and large birds. Stainless Steel 1/2 pint Easter Buckets filled with toys. Conure size cotton rope braided swing. Will make the GAG Easter Buckets today. Hope you all enjoy my pics, just wanted to share.

Opinions always wanted.

2014-04-05 19.15.59.jpg

2014-04-05 19.00.45.jpg

2014-04-05 18.05.29.jpg

2014-04-05 13.49.50.jpg

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Beautiful! HRH has so loved her toys from our order with you, and you're certainly tempting me to put in another order sooner than I've intended :)


One wee suggestion, is to run your fingers inside of the bells and check for sharp spots. I've noticed that in a lot of (commercial) toys with bells, there are some rough/sharp snags up where the clapper is attached on the inside. You've probably already discovered this, but just thought I'd mention it.


Love the foraging baskets! Currently, Inara's favorite foraging toy is the one with the little wooden shoes that we ordered from you. I put all sorts of bits of dry foods inside of the shoes, and she just loves hunting them out and manipulating the wooden disks and shoes to get to them. I will try to snap a photo of her with her head poked inside of one of the shoes. She is one very satisfied customer :)

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