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New Package Deals being Offered.


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Crazy for bird toys is now offering monthly bird toy packages at reduced pricing.

Every month i will put together several toys for a specific species of birds at a great price.

This month you will receive 6 fabolous toys for your birds for $75 plus shipping of $10.

Hope to see you all there its on the front page under Package deals fro June.

Thanks for letting me post.

2014-05-28 13.11.47.jpg

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I clicked on the June package and it listed a bunch of toys - more than what I think you are putting in the June package. Are you going to list what's in the package, or do we select any six from the list on the right? Not sure how it works.




Jeez...I just saw you are in Sugar Land. We were just in Richmond on Saturday. I could have made a shopping stop :P

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Sorry that would have been great if you could have stopped by. That is the wrong package thing you went under. I am such a goof could not correct it.

Will have it fixed within the hour.

On the homepage you have to scroll all the way down the second last i think it is. Let me no if you dont see it.

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