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Mylo's first day home (:B

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This is Mylo, he hatched October 3, 2014. Today was his first day home from the breeder. He had a hour and a half drive home he made without too much of a fuss. He's still a little bit nervous, but he was eating and drink and exploring his new environment, which made me a little bit less concerned parrent. So far so good.


Mylo & Dave








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Aw, Mylo is playing, eating, grooming, he looks like he's settling in nicely. Congrats on your new flock member. Tonya, start your own thread about your rehomed fid and we'll be glad to offer you some advice on helping your new companion settle in. It does usually take quite a bit longer for older birds.

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Welcome to the forum Mylo and Dave. This is an introduction to lifelong friends, you will love what Mylo brings to your life. It will change the way you live and think. It's great to watch those new babies get a firm grip on your heartstrings and delight you with his intelligence,wit and humor. May you always be as enthralled and in love with him.

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